Yoga for inner Calm, Gentle Live Online Yoga Course

Satyananda, Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga

Yoga Online

Yoga Online



07 Oct 2021

16 Dec 2021


7.45 pm - 9.00 pm



Access to Live Online Gentle Yoga class for eleven weeks


Iris Fischer

The style of yoga is a Satyananda and Hatha Yoga mix.

In each class we focus on body postures, asanas, moving with the breath. We then move on to specific breathing practices. We finish with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation; leaving you recharged and deeply nourished.

This is a perfect class for beginners or anyone who likes a gentle practice. We focus on moving with awareness, gently strengthening the body while exploring the foundations of our breath. This is very helpful in calming down your nervous system. Which is particularly helpful if you are suffering from anxiety or have a very active mind. Each session finishes with the practice of yoga Nidra, deeply nourishing your nervous system, feeling a sense of calm and inner peace. No prior experience is necessary.

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