Yoga for Menopause Well-being Masterclass

Hatha, Restorative

Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



18 Jun 2023

18 Jun 2023


1.00pm - 4.00pm



Covers 3 hour workshop: yoga practice, information, Q & A and women\\\'s circle


Margot Porter

Masterclass Description


Practice: Yoga for Menopause Well-being practices with specially adapted yoga poses (active and restorative), breathing techniques, and meditation.

Presentation and Q & A: A clear explanation of what's happening, physically and emotionally, at menopause, common signs, and ways to navigate the changes.

  • What is menopause?
    • Western and Eastern perspectives
  • Changes in the brain, heart, muscles, bones and pelvic floor
  • Nutrition + supplements
  • Modifying yoga poses and practice
  • Specific pranayama practices

Sharing Circle: A Wise Women's circle with other sassy sages going through menopause sharing 'aha' moments and wisdom.


  • A tool kit of techniques and knowledge to inspire you to be healthier and stronger physically and emotionally.
  • An information booklet covering the crucial points from the presentation.
  • A sense of camaraderie, connection and empowerment – knowing you’ve got this!

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