Yoga for Self-Care 8 week course

Gentle, Therapeutic

Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



28 Oct 2019

16 Dec 2019


9.30 am - 11.00 am



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Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird

Choose from morning or afternoon session – 9.30 to 11 am or 5.30 to 7 pm  

The morning sessions and evening sessions vary slightly as some practices are more appropriate at different times of the day. 

Bookings essential.

The course is designed for you to explore how the tools and practices of yoga can support you in your life as a way of self-care, whether you are healing physically, mentally or emotionally; you are in maintenance mode or your are wishing to move towards a specific goal. 

This course is also a wonderful introduction to yoga and suitable for people wishing to deepen their practice. Both men and women are welcome to attend.

This course will be delivered with a therapeutic approach to enhance your capacity for self-observation and self-inquiry, being guided towards adapting the practices for your personal needs and responding in a way to move you towards nourishing yourself and to embody yourself on all layers of your being – physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.

With a gradual approach and gentle pace, you will be guided to progressively weave your awareness into your practice each week as a follow on from the previous weeks’ sessions. 

Sessions incorporate practices on a subtle and physical level: asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices), mantra, mindfulness and meditation, mudras (hand postures), restorative postures and relaxation. Principles from somatic therapy, developmental movement patterns and pilates are also incorporated into the course and you will be introduced to the underpinning philosophy of yoga and how it applies in today’s times.

Course content may vary in response to the needs of individual participants and the group as a whole.

8 week course framework:

Week 1 – Awareness of Breath

Week 2 – Supporting integrity with grounding

Week 3 – Awareness of energy

Week 4 – Balance and strength

Week 5 – Maintaining ease and steadiness

Week 6 – Moving with grace

Week 7 – Enhancing loving kindness

Week 8 – Yoga to enhance life

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