Yoga Retreat 2023 - Move, Breathe, Love

YIN, Hatha, Tantra, Nada, Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls, Pranayama, Meditation





31 Mar 2023

02 Apr 2023


4.30pm - 2pm


$570 - $590

All yoga classes, meditation, pranayama, ceremony, single rooms, all meals Ayurvedic (DF and GF)


Margot Wagner

Join us for a weekend of sublime yoga, pranayama and meditation. The aim our yoga retreat this year is to help us connect to, and understand our biomes (the Divinity and the small Universe within us). And as we tune into this inner intelligence we will come to the realisation that we are all but an expression of the Earth's biome (Source, the Great Order or Gaia).

We humans are holobionts and our bodies are hosts to 39 trillion microbial cells including bacteria, viruses and fungi that rule us with an interconnected intelligence - influencing how we digest our food, our mental health and how conscious we really are. On this retreat, as we quiet our minds, observe the breath and connect to this inner intelligence, we will consciously be connecting with Source, our Mother, planet Earth.

In Tantric philosophy, the human body is visualised as a microcosm of the universe. The whole body becomes an instrument through which the cosmic power reveals itself.
Earth is consciousness. Earth Consciousness embodies millions of expressions of interdependence among the mahabhutas (earth, water, fire, air, space) and the living species (animals, birds, forests, soils, bacteria, oceans). On this retreat, as we connect to our own consciousness we will realise that we are not individual islands in this sea of consciousness. We are the sea.

Classes and Workshops:
 Six beautifully balanced yoga classes and workshops and three meditations, using gentle loving stretching (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and silence. Perfect for the absolute beginner to the seasoned yogi.

Specialty classes include:
Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra for anxiety and stress.
Diaphragmatic Breathwork for Gut Harmony
Meditation for Gut Healing
Workshop: Uncover your Greatness.
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Ajapa Waterfall Meditation
Brain Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Partner Yoga
Satsang in ancient rainforest
Tantra Workshop: Awaken your Kundalini Energy.
Meditate: Meditate at dawn in sacred silence.
Sacred Ceremony: Using ritual and ceremony release the unwanted and create space for new beginnings.

Nourish: Luscious vegetarian, ayurvedic food. Six catered meals with morning and afternoon tea.
Rest: In exquisite rainforest surrounds, near tumbling waterfalls and beneath trees from the Neolithic age. You will have lots of time between classes to share a cup of tea, to explore the beautiful surrounds or just relax. Giving yourself the gift of self -reflection, time and peace.
Bedrooms: You will be assigned your own single, private room, with electric blanket and shared bathroom facilities.
There is only one double room and one twinshare room available with ensuite facilities so please book quickly if this is arrangement is preferred.
Bookings essential . The Retreat has limited capacity and it fills very quickly.

Single room with shared bathroom: $590 pp, $570 EB
Twinshare and double with ensuite (couples get preference): $590 pp. $570 EB. $1130 couples. $1090 couples EB
Deposit: A non-refundable $150 deposit is required to secure a room.
Early bird deadline: 3/03/2023
Full payment deadline: 17/03/2023

Retreat Refund Policy: Retreat fees are non-refundable within 15 days prior to the event. There will be no refunds given for unused portions of program. There will be no cancellations accepted or refunds given on or after the event start date. If the event is cancelled due to COVID19 or QLD Lockdown your deposit will be rolled to the next retreat date. Either a date given by the Theosophical Centre in 2023 or our standard booking: 29 - 31 March 2024 and you will be refunded the balance of your retreat fees.

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