Yoga: Sannyasa Lifestyle - 1 month

Satyananda Yogsa





09 Mar 2020

05 Apr 2020


14.00 - 14.00


$980 Early Bird

Includes all food, standard accommodation and classes


Sw. Atmamuktananda

To live life differently, Rocklyn Yoga Ashram offers the 1 month Sannyasa Lifestyle course to experience the attitude of Sannyasa as a way to develop a creative change in perception, awareness,  personal direction and to connect with positivity and sustain happiness.

*     Step out of worldly life for 1 month

*     Digital detox option

*     Renew your intention 

*     Refresh your direction in life

This 1 month immersion is a traditional Ashram experience offering a unique approach to living and learning that leads to enhanced personal and spiritual understanding.  

Have the general yoga practices adopted so far given deep insight to really fulfill the needs in life, addressing actions and reactions and the general stressors of life with equanimity - balance of mind or inner peace? 

Or is there something more to yoga and yogic lifestyle? What are the true intentions and attainments of yoga?

A very important aspect of yoga known as the Yama and Niyama has been overlooked. It is the application and integration of the Yama and Niyama in life that has been ignored and misunderstood as a discipline to fulfill the completeness of yoga. This yogic knowledge is responsible for change.

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