Yogahari 350hrs Yoga Teacher Training 2022


Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



19 Mar 2022

03 Dec 2022


9am - 5pm





Eleni Kidis


A maximum of 8 students accepted each year! 

6 spots remaining for 2022!!!

Yogahari 350-hours Yoga Teacher Training lays the foundations for how to approach the practice of yoga- both as a teacher and as a lifelong student.

It has not been developed to promote a certain style, method or brand of yoga, because what I will be teaching is not a particular innovation of mine. It is a culmination of devoted personal practice and teaching, treading this path for twenty-five years.

The training is held over the course of one year, starting with a 6-day immersion and then meeting one weekend every month. There is with a huge emphasis on developing an independent personal practice and psycho-spiritual development.

We delve into asana, pranayama and meditation and as a committed Tantrika, there is a huge emphasis on the traditional teachings of non-dual Tantra. Building your knowledge of the view/spiritual teachings of this ancient and life affirming tradition will give you a much deeper understanding of the asana, pranayama and meditation and energy body practices you will learn.

I am committed to developing one-on-one relationships with students and that is why I have purposefully chosen to only take a maximum of 8 students, creating optimal opportunities for personal learning and mentoring.

Yogahari Yoga Teacher training is a 350 hrs registered teacher training course with Yoga Australia. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to apply for registration as a Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia.

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