10932NAT Certificate IV in Yoga Therapy Teaching - Face to Face/Digital/Online

Nationally Accredited Japanese based Remedial Yoga Therapy Distance Learning

College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu.

College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu.



13 Jul 2021

21 Jun 2022


12 months



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10932NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching

Nationally Recognised Training & Qualification


What do you get when you blend the philosophies of Japanese Shiatsu, the Five Elements, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the scientific study of human anatomy? An extraordinary style of yoga therapy that will change the way you see yoga!

The College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu (COTY) has been setting the standards in Yoga Teaching since 2000.  Our course is nationally recognised through the Australian Skills Quality Authority, Austudy approved with a qualification that is recorded on your Unique Student Identifier (USI) register for life. 

This course integrates modern medical principles with eastern philosophies, innovative yoga practice, and teaching methods and you can now study anywhere in Australia with live streaming in digital classrooms for all practical sessions.

Course Description

The 12 month (800 hour*) 10932NAT Certificate IV in Yoga Therapy Teaching course is one of Australia's most recognised qualifications in yoga teaching giving you the level of professional training you expect from a government accredited course. 

This course is designed to develop your personal understanding of yogic physiology, Japanese yoga therapy postures, and asanas. This knowledge is extended with practical training in the skills required to teach Japanese meridian yoga to a group.

Our programs are flexible with a choice of delivery options including face-to-face, digital classroom, and live streaming with structured online and distance learning.  All our practical sessions are recorded so you never miss a session and can go back and enjoy it all again for the duration of your course. 

Your teaching faculty is led by a team of professional trainers that are Senior Level 3 practicing teachers and industry leaders. The study is fun and diverse with extensive online learning materials, interactive student portal, and online resources and materials. 

Develop your teaching skillset through case studies of real clients, and workplace scenarios of real client accessibility needs that include recovery, physical restrictions, pregnancy, development, and age-restricted requirements.  Graduate teaching multilevel content with adjustments and modifications to ensure client engagement so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga therapy.

The 10932NAT Certificate IV in Yoga Therapy Teaching is a full vocational training qualification.  A professional course that will help open doors in the health care, community care, and fitness industry - the only course you will need to confidently launch your yoga teaching career.

The first thing we ask of you in this course is to make yourself well - this is not a gauge on how fit you are, it is about how well and balanced you are. Once you can identify your own health and well-being you will be better equipped to empathise and understand others.

Learn Japanese Yoga Therapy and stand out from the crowd.  Improve your own practice and be introduced to our diagnostic style of teaching techniques that will allow you to work with a wide range of clients. Adjust and modify classes to ensure that the yoga is appropriate to the season, time of day, and most importantly, the people you are teaching it to.

Subject Outline

  • Japanese meridian-based yoga
  • TCM Philosophies and 5 Element Theory
  • Yin and Yang Therapy
  • History and Philosophy of Yoga and its relevance today
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology
  • Yoga Physiology and the Masunaga Meridians
  • Wholefood Health & Nutrition
  • TCM Healthy Food Discovery
  • Therapeutic Breathing Techniques
  • Teaching Methodology with supervised "on the mat" teaching experience
  • Effective Communication & Small Business Studies 

For further information or a detailed course outline please contact our Student Adviser at [email protected]

*What are nominal hours?  Click here for more information.

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