10975NAT - Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice and Teaching - 1800 hours

Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga

College of Sports & Fitness, RTO 91345

College of Sports & Fitness, RTO 91345



24 Jan 2022

22 Jun 2023


18 months


$2000 AUD per study term

payment plans available

10975NAT - Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice and Teaching – 1800 hours

Yoga Teachers Training (YTT)
in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga style

This YTT will give you an understanding of holistic classical Yoga techniques and its benefits, so you can grow and develop your personal Yoga practice but it will also guide you in your first steps toward becoming a holistic Yoga teacher or deepening and progressing your current Yoga teacher qualifications in a holistic way.

It will focus on physical movement (Asana), breathing techniques (Pranayama), relaxation techniques (Yoga Nidra, Shavasana), Meditation and Mindfulness techniques (Dhyana), and Yoga philosophy for balanced lifestyle choices to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress.

Training Outcomes

Completing this course will allow you:

  • - to work autonomously to assess clients’ needs including self-practice
  • - to design appropriate Yoga programs for the purpose of your own personal Yoga practice and holistic Yoga teaching
  • - to monitor own progress as well as the progress of clients and adapt Yoga programs where/when required.

Program overview

  • - Truly Holistic Yoga Teachers Training combining different Yoga tools and practices
  • - In total 1800 hrs of Holistic Yoga Teaching
  • - 18 months of consistent learning
  • - Combination of different Yoga styles: Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin to ensure a holistic Yoga approach
  • - This YTT is built out of 25 specially crafted Holistic Yoga units
  • - Fully face-to-face YTT to ensure the highest quality of learning process on visual, verbal, kinaesthetic ad energy level
  • - All theory aspects are put into practice ensuring the effective process of applying learning in action
  • - Unique opportunity to teach real-life 1h Holistic Yoga class to open public and brushing Yoga Teaching skills accumulating needed teaching practice and experience
  •  - YTTC Curriculum focuses on:
    • *Unique Yoga units:
      • "Yoga sequencing of single Yoga class and program
      • "Mantra chanting sessions
      • "Ayurvedic nutrition and yogic diet
      • "Different application of Yoga equipment
    • *More time spent on what’s important for a Yogi:
      • "Yoga alignment techniques
      • "Methods of assisting and adjusting students in Yoga practice and teaching
      • "Yoga anatomy and physiology principles
      • "Yoga history and philosophy
      • "Chakras and Koshas concepts
      • Gunas and Doshas concepts  
    • *Going beyond detailed Asana – Physical Yoga Posture, and focusing also on:
      • "A strong foundation of Pranayama techniques (Breathing Practices)
      • "Mudra (Gesture) and Bandha (Energy Locks) techniques
      • "Relaxation
      • "Different Dhyana (Meditation) techniques

Who is this training for?

This YTT is open for everyone who:

  • - is genuinely interested in Yoga,
  • - for those who are seeking growth and are interested in self-discovery and self-development,
  • - for those who desire to start their personal Yoga practice,
  • - for current Yogis who want to understand the holistic concept of Yoga,
  • - for current Yoga Teachers who search for a deeper meaning of each aspect of Yoga and they want to progress their current Yoga qualification on holistic Yoga teaching

To accommodate the depth of your personal and professional Yoga journey, numbers will be capped at 15 to ensure each Yogi will receive the time and attention they require.


All classes are delivered face-to-face in the heart of Sydney in a Yoga Studio at CSF (College of Sports & Fitness).

Yoga Studio is fully prepared for YTT program, having:

  • - spacious and bright yogic room to practice and study holistic Yoga
  • - specialised Yoga equipment: yoga mat, yoga blanket, yoga bolster, yoga belt, yoga blocks: natural cork and foam blocks, supporting holistic Yoga practice
  • - mirror wall to help yogis in body alignment corrections and self-adjustments during yoga practice and training
  • - access to wi-fi, comfortable dining & lounge room

Address: Level 6/ 505 George St, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia


The full training involves 18 months YTT, divided into 6 study terms.
18 months (6 Terms) – 20 hours per week
1 terms = 10 weeks of study (2 weeks break in between terms)

Study days in Sydney Yoga Studio:
Tuesday & Thursday from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm (with coffee/ lunch break in between)

The first term starts on the 24th of January 2022, but you can join any term listed below.
From the chosen start date of the term, you will need to complete 6 full terms to finish the course.

  • 2022 Intakes:
    • - 1 term - start 24th of January
    • - 2 term – start 18th of April
    • - 3 term – start 11th of July
    • - 4 term – start 3rd of October

  • 2023 Intakes:
    •  - 1 term – 23rd of January
    • - 2 term – 17th of April
    • - 3 term – start 10th of July
    • - 4 term – start 2nd of October

  • 2024 Intakes:
    • - 1 term – 22nd of January
    • - 2 term – 16th of April
    • - 3 term – start 8th of July
    • - 4 term – start 30th of September

  • 2025 Intakes:
    • - 1 term – 20th of January
    • - 2 term – 14th of April
    • - 3 term – start 7th of July
    • - 4 term – start 29th of September


$2,000 per study term, payment plans are available

Meet your Yoga Teacher

Marta is an experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT® 500, 1000hrs RYT® and YACEP® (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®), certified by the International Yoga Alliance organization and Registered Senior Yoga Australia Teacher under Yoga Australia mentoring.

She is a Lead Yoga Teacher, Author & Designer of accredited Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice and Teaching Course and Co-designer of Advanced Diploma of Holistic Yoga practices at CSF (College of Sports & Fitness in Sydney Australia), where she teaches current and future Yoga teachers how to become a professional Yoga Teacher at an advanced level and other Yogic practitioners how to start and improve their personal Yoga practice. Now she is creating new online courses with CSF.Online for anyone who is interested in improving their Wellbeing on daily basis.

Her mission is to encourage others to live their own truth. She loves inspiring her students to improve their Wellbeing, both on and off the mat with various Yoga and Mindfulness techniques as well as a Yoga Philosophy foundation, helping them to grow on their personal and professional Yoga journey.

Expression of interest – please email: [email protected]

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