150 hr Level II Teacher Training Post Graduate

Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga

My Yoga

My Yoga



01 Dec 2022

01 Mar 2023


4 months


$1800 upfront or Payment Plan

Payment Plan available; 4 x $480 being $1920

Online Level II Teacher Training Postgraduate 150 hr Course 

Evolve your practice, deepen your understanding of safe therapeutic teaching and discover the life changing insights in ancient yogi text, Upanishads & Yoga Sutras. My Yoga Time offers industry leading in studio and online learning for all yogis who want progress their practice to the next level.

This course is delivered in four modules online, commence anytime from the comfort of your own home. 

Yin Yoga Immersion

  • Benefits, principals & history of Yin Yoga
  • Addressing tension and compression
  • Our unique bodies & range of motion, stretching v’s lengthening
  • How yin effects muscles, tendons, ligaments, adhesions and myofascial lines
  • Myofascial sequencing
  • Physiology; subtle body including chakras, vayus, meridians & pressure points
  • Mental, emotional & physical benefits
  • Enhance your yin experience through pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi
  • Therapeutic sequencing, holding space, modifications and props

Body Biography

  • Energetic & Emotional Anatomy
  • Issues in the Tissues
  • Trauma & its Effects on the Body
  • Vagus Nerve & Autonomic Nervous System
  • Healing powers of asana, pranayama and mudras
  • Philosophy; Upanishads

Technique & Philosophy

  • Fine tune your asana and pranayama through mindful bandhas
  • Key muscle activation & release
  • Heart Intelligence & Santosha
  • Diaphragm; bridge between the conscious & unconscious mind
  • Learn therapeutic sequencing with bandhas
  • Study the ancient insightful Yoga Sutras and Upanishads


  • Mindfulness; thoughts, emotions and Kleshas
  • Four Dimensions of the Mind & the Koshas
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Samyama; Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi
  • Philosophy; Yoga Sutra

Try this Yoga Class for the Psoas Muscle https://youtu.be/iF6y1XGhWhg

Enrol online anytime  https://myyogatime.com/p/level-ii-yoga-teacher-training-post-graduate


"Nicole is an amazing yoga teacher with vast personal experience and knowledge that flows through in every workshop of her Yoga Teacher Training course. Her compassion, patience and easy going nature makes learning both enjoyable and rewarding. The course content is a good mix of theory and practice.  Nicole's Teacher Training course has given me a whole new perspective on and understanding of the true meaning of yoga ". Leanne Hudson 2018 Graduate

“I am so grateful that I have enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training with Nicole.  Nicole not only provides a wonderful learning environment, but also lives what she teaches, providing us with the perfect role model.  In the classes, Nicole fosters a safe and sacred space for each of us to grow and learn on many levels.  This course is deepening my practice in the most beautiful ways.  And it is only through doing the course that I am beginning to get the tiniest glimpse of the vastness of all that Yoga has to offer. Thank you Nicole, Namaste. " Lauren Tarrant 2018 Graduate

“This teacher training course was high quality all the way! Nicole is a unique teacher with many years of experience which shows through her varied practices and excellent curriculum. I always felt engaged and challenged during my teacher training with plenty of hands on opportunities to deepen my own practice. Nicole’s understanding of quality queues during a class yoga sequence was probably a highlight for me. I am looking forward to my own teaching journey and I am forever grateful to Nicole for her gentle, nurturing and knowledgeable approach during this course.” Renee Truswell 2018. Graduate

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