200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Introductory Programme: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation



01 Jan 2023

30 Jun 2024


18-24 months



Upfront Payment Discount; Payment Plans Available.

Delivered online anytime and face to face or live streamed. Live streamed attendance is offered at the same cost as face to face.

200KYTT Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Australia Approved training course

Introductory Programme: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Australia provisional member


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training offers you a range of exquisite and various techniques for creating lasting mental and physical change. Various kriyas and meditations will be taught to you that attend to specific therapeutic applications of body, mind, and heart. Through the practice of kundalini yoga teacher training, you will be able to offer yourself and your students a steadier frame of mind and a valuable holistic yogic framework for well-being, including increased vitality and improved mental and physical health.

Creating virtuous life cycles through the scientific application of angles in asana and kriyas for meditation is part of the kundalini yoga experience. You will explore the subtle body teachings of nadi, chakra, and prana to affect kundalini. You will learn how to apply and teach sound (naad), bodily gestures (mudra), breathing techniques (pranayama), eye gaze (dristhi), and mental focus (dharana) to create long-lasting personal transformation.

You will also learn the ethical principles of the teacher and transference as it applies to kundalini yoga teaching and gain a deeper understanding of the confidence and leadership skills that the kundalini yoga teacher requires.

You will consider the role of raising your consciousness as a kundalini yoga teacher to impart transformational change in your students.

This Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program is delivered in conjunction with BIYOME’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Lifestyle Medicine teacher training program. By providing you with the highest quality educational resources through state-of-the-art evidence-based science, we endeavor to assist you in creating opportunities for adeptly understanding the imperative nature of the mind-body connection as it relates to well-being in and beyond the 21st century.

What you will walk away with

Upon completion of this 200 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course, you will have the skills to teach a rich and informative, highly educated kundalini yoga class to a wide variety of individuals with a range of different therapeutic needs. Our courses provide you with vast and rich information to understand and deliver your teachings with confidence and experience. With intention and discipline, you will become confident in developing heightened proprioceptive awareness in your students and give them a suitable level of control over breath, mind, and body.

BIYOME’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training allows you to become a provisional yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Australia over an 18 to 24-month time frame. You will then have three years to complete the 150hr upgrade to Personalised Biomedical Yoga to complete your teaching registration with Yoga Australia.
Find out more: https://biyome.com.au/course-pages/200kytt/

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