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01 Feb 2018

31 Dec 2020




$785 AUD

3-day Live Training in various cities, plus self-paced course

We offer the 3-day course in multiple locations, although this is listed as Byron Bay. You can see our entire Australian Course Schedule on our website.

Are you currently working with children, looking to embark on a career change to become a kids yoga teacher or simply a parent looking to share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity with your family?

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation for teaching yoga to children and families with knowledge, compassion and awareness. Be prepared to practice and learn to teach yoga whilst laughing, dancing, playing and singing!

The RCYT Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course made up of 27contact hours and 23 hours of observation and further personal study.

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded and intensive, with practical theory, discussions and LOTS OF FUN! Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and tons of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world!

Why should you become a Kids Yoga teacher? Because it is the most fun job in the universe!!!

Every time you go to teach you get inspired by those beautiful brave souls… you go to teach, but you learn so much. And work is not lacking in children yoga. This is a very needed and wanted form of movement that is in high demand today in education and fitness.

The course is for ANYBODY who loves working with kids, and loves yoga. It is for yoga teachers wanting to specialize, and educators wanting to bring the benefits of yoga to their classrooms. It's also great for parents to find new ways to connect with their children and family, and share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity.

Yoga Teachers

•  Expand and enhance your yoga career!

•  Reach out with your yoga to a large and eager audience; parents and children

•  Create a new offering for your studio

•  Learn how to make yoga fun for students of all ages


•  Help battle obesity and foster better health in your classroom

•  Build a calm environment by learning techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety

•  Learn ways to cultivate focus and assist your students learning abilities

•  Create a new and unique yoga program for your school or day care centre

As an educator, you can use yoga to teach absolutely anything! There is no better way to learn than to move through it! And we teach anything, including languages to science, geography, nature and science through yoga.


•  Develop a beautiful way to connect with your children

•  Reconnect with your own inner child!

•  Bring calmness and harmony to your family

•  Create a unique and fun yoga practice for yourself and your family

•  If you are a parent, here is great way to connect and interact with children and help them    imbibe some amazing physical and emotional abilities such as balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, calmness and focus. Whether they are your own children or if you are trying to build a anew community around you or bring together you existing one, yoga is simply marvelous!

We are proud to have qualified over 12,000 children's yoga teachers who are spreading yoga, love and knowledge to so many schools, families and children all around the world!

We truly believe that we are making a difference with Rainbow Kids Yoga. Through this training, we give the next generation so many opportunities that you and I might not have had - a chance to see and interact with the world in a more mindful and positive way.

The way we teach yoga to children goes beyond the physical (don’t get us wrong; we move and stretch and strengthen and balance and get fit like in no other movement based activity!) - Rainbow Yoga is social and interactive; we use touch and massage, partner and group work, fun and games (all sprinkled with yoga and breathing), sharing, creativity and self-expression to develop self-confidence, social abilities, communication skills, tolerance, respect and understanding.

Mindfulness, breathing, concentration and meditation all work to establish a strong and positive sense of self and to improve students’ performance at school.

Fun is always a big part of our classes. Fun is a social endeavour that creates a glue that helps stick children and families together. Bullying and disrespect is a big issue that can be solved by creating a lot more opportunities for positive interaction for everyone.

Everyone knows how great yoga is! And we are here to help you learn how to make children love yoga and want to do it again and again!

To make yoga digestible to children, we spice it up with lots of interaction, fun and games, dance, music and songs, acro-balance and human pyramid and loads of cool things (all are yoga with the right attitude) depending on the age group.

And you know what? It works! And we know it because we have done it a million times ; )

Join our huge, awesome, loving and welcoming Rainbow Yoga tribe, and start making this world a better place with us today, one child at a time!

What Will I Learn?

•  Over 350 Yoga poses for kids

•  An abundance of creative Yoga games!

•  Breathing and Meditation exercises suitable for kids

•  Guided Imagery and other Relaxation techniques

•  Partner Acrobatics, Human Pyramids, Flying Yoga and other ways to make Yoga super       COOL!

•  Partner and Community interactive Yoga for Kids & Teens

•  Thai Massage and other ways to connect, give and receive

•  Gain valuable teaching experience

The additional study and non-contact hours include:

•  Reading and writing a reflection based on the book The Little Prince – representing the way a child looks at the world which is essential to remember when you teach yoga to children.

•  Reading and writing a reflection based on two Anatomy, Physiology & Social/ Emotional Development books

•  7.5hrs Observation/Assisting with an Experienced Teacher

•  Taking at least 5 classes with a children yoga teacher of your choice (ask us – we have trained more than 10,000 now!) and writing a short reflection about the class, the feeling of the class, what would you do the same or different, what inspiration can you draw from here for future classes.

•  7.5hrs Additional Teaching Practice

•  Planning and teaching 5 classes and providing written reflections on the experience

Course Breakdown:

•  Classroom Environment & Lesson Structure: 4hr

•  Anatomy, Physiology & Social/ Emotional Development: 6hr

•  Teaching Methodology: 10hr

•  Philosophy & Ethics: 2hr

•  Classroom Management: 5hr

•  Techniques: 15hr

•  Teaching Practice: 8hr

•  Total Hours: 50hrs

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