350hr Prana House Yoga Teacher Training

Pranaa Yoga

Prana House, Level 1/885 High St Thornbury 3071

Prana House, Level 1/885 High St Thornbury 3071



01 Mar 2021

31 Dec 2021


12 months/ 350 hours


$6500 Early Bird

payment plans available upon request


Prana House Yoga Teacher Training are leaders in yoga education offering quality, in-depth, transformational & professional training that you won't find anywhere else in Australia. 

Here you will learn how to effectively work with both the physical aspect of yoga with a deep exploration of alignment, technique, biomechanics, injuries, adjustments, modifications & theory, as well as learn the subtle art of meditation, mind mastery, energy conservation and tools for transformation. This course will change your life and give you a steady foundation in which to live with ease and purpose aswell as teach you how you can assist others in being self empowered & connected.

This training is offered as a Certificate Course held over the duration of 12 months part time inclusive of 350 hours. The Prana House Yoga Teacher Training Course explores Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Pranaa Yoga, Women's Yoga, Technique & Physical Alignment, Teaching Methodologies, Integrative Practice & Teaching, Yogic Philosophy based on Pantajali's 8 Limbed Yoga, Yogic Physiology & Energy Cultivation, Professional Practice & Self Care, Mentoring and Business Management.


Pranaa Yoga is a unique, creative, subtle and fluid practice which can challenge your ability to both move with power and intensity and yet still remain soft, receptive & fully present to the moment.  

The combination of held supported poses & slow flowing sequences keeps the practice adaptable and balanced in its approach. It draws on alignment, breath work and energy awareness with a spiritual philosophy which is delicately woven throughout & underpins the essence of the practice. Julie Gargano is the creator of Pranaa Yoga bringing together her 20 plus years of dedicated in-depth study of yoga, dance, meditation, energy healing & yogic philosophy.


Principle teacher and creator of Pranaa Yoga, Julie Gargano, is a Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia. Julie shares with you over 20 years experience and has established her unique style called Pranaa Yoga. 

Julie Gargano is considered a rare gem in this fast growing yoga industry with her uncompromising commitment to stay true to the purity of the teachings of yoga. She skilfully manages to deliver the original teachings of yoga within a creative contemporary platform which engages her students to commit wholeheartedly to the transformational experience.

Julie is highly intuitively and can easily access layers beyond the surface and with an honest yet kind manner nurtures her students into powerful clearer versions of themselves. Her particular strength is in establishing a palpable energy field in which you merge into and are easily transported to finer states of Being. 

Her early start in life set the stage as a professional ballet dancer which gave her mastery of the physical form. This in time evolved into a deep study of yoga through Iyengar Yoga, Amrit Yoga 'meditation in motion', Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Energy Healing. Pioneering Amrit Yoga & I AM Yoga Nidra from the Amrit Yoga Institute USA since 2004, as well as founding Prana House, Melbourne 2006, has given Julie much credibility in the Australian yoga industry. Pranaa Yoga is an expression and culmination of Julie's 20 plus years of the above mentioned practices which she has uniquely distilled the best of each of them and woven into an integrative method we all love called Pranaa Yoga


EMAIL : [email protected]

WEBSITE : - https://www.pranahouse.com.au/prana-house-yoga-teacher-training

ADDRESS :- Prana House, Level 1/885 High St Thornbury 3071 Australia

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