500-hour Teacher Training Course in the Tradition of Krishnamacharya

Classical, In the Tradition of T. Krishnamacharya

Agama Yoga Centre

Agama Yoga Centre



05 Mar 2018

04 Mar 2020


2 years



variable payment plans available

Would you like to become a Yoga Teacher in the tradition of Yogacharya T.Krishnamacharya?

Our approach to teacher training celebrates the broad perspective that was gifted to TKV Desikachar by his father T.Krishnamacharya, throughout their 30 year Teacher-Student relationship.
Although TKV Desikachar has now retired, as one of his long-time students, Barbara Brian, a Director of Āgamā Yoga Centre wishes to offer these unique Teacher Training Courses in the more traditional manner, universally relevant and taught in a very personal way.
Specifically, the focus on mentorship enabling the possibility of personal transformation, and thanks to our teachers who have gone before us, we have access to an “ocean” of yoga tools that have been proven to reduce human suffering in modern times.

For further information, please contact: E: Barbara Brian M: +61 439 358 021

Applications open now for 2016-2018 program.

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