52792WA Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices

Children/Kids, Meditation, Classical, Postnatal, Corporate, Pregnancy, General, Seniors, Hatha, Teen, Therapeutic

Greenwood Yoga Academy

Greenwood Yoga Academy



15 Feb 2016

01 Dec 2017


2 & 1/2 years - Flexible Learning


$8,000.00 - government accredi

Payments: Deposit of $500 followed by choice of fortnightly, monthly or 3 monthly payments for duration of the course.Can also pay individually for each unit

Greenwood Yoga Academy (GYA) is currently the only government accredited Yoga Teacher training course in WA training students of Yoga to become 'specialist' Yoga teachers. Specialist Yoga teachers 'teach' students to become empowered by learning the skills and philosophies from ancient and modern times. Specialist Yoga teachers are also able to conduct one to one sessions for students requiring assistance to develop their practice further or to aid their health conditions.

This course is grounded by the adherence to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with our Yoga practice being informed and influenced by Yoga great, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.

GYA has no affiliation to any particular method or path of Yoga that has developed from Krishnamacharya’s students who over the years have each developed their own method or path according to their understanding and preferences. Trainees are introduced to different styles/lineages and paths of Yoga to view more objectively in order to develop a well-rounded view of Yoga.

We provide the highest quality of training for participants for graduates to be able to create their own successful Yoga business. This course has been designed to suit people’s busy modern lives and so most of the theory components are delivered electronically and participants are required to study in their own time, leaving our face-to-face sessions for practical components of applying the theory to the practice of Yoga and assessments for competency.

Graduates will have a firm grasp of applied anatomy and physiology, Yoga philosophy, counter-indications, adjustments and corrections, sequencing, pranayama and meditation along with the business component of teaching Yoga professionally. Graduates will also be prepared to confidently and successfully manage their own Yoga teaching business, with having gained understanding of components on financial management, working with diverse groups and colleagues in an ethical and compassionate manner, the art of negotiating, as well as modern marketing and promotions.

Principal Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Assessor Margaret, is joined by qualified and experienced Yoga Teachers: Alison Hilton; Chioni Hicks; Helen Bennett; and Dr Rossana McKenzie. Guest Yoga teachers and presenters from allied health and medical professions, each share their knowledge and expertise  when training in the areas of Yoga history and philosophy, Sutras, Chakras, Doshas, Gunas, Koshas, Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation and much more.

GYA's trainers and assessors are accountable to the exacting standards of Vocational Education & Training Australia, and our graduates are considered as professionally equal to Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Pilates Instructors, Naturopaths and Fitness Instructors.

People registering for this course can do so with confidence and peace of mind knowing that their training will be of the highest standard available and that they will have the full support of Greenwood Yoga Academy.

For further information please email enquires@greenwood-yogaacademy.com.au or phone Margaret on 08 93423355.


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