Acharya Diploma of Proficiency in Yoga Teaching

Classical & Traditional Hatha & Raja Yoga

Namaste Yoga School Kurrajong

Namaste Yoga School Kurrajong



01 Feb 2021

30 Jun 2022


12 months with flexible end date due to Covid19


$3,850 (includes GST)

Payment Plans available


This course is suitable for those wishing to complete the full professional Yoga Teacher Training. It is a comprehensive course, based upon Patanjali 8-limb model of Yoga covering Yoga philosophy, Asana (postures), Pranayama (energy regulation), Meditation, Yoga Therapy and advanced Yoga Teaching Methods. You will learn time-tested teaching methods including effective asana sequencing, safe use of props, sensitive adjusting techniques and the role of the Yoga teacher as a mentor. This course is comprehensive in that it addresses Yoga wholistically and from a traditional perspective, allowing you to discover the areas of most interest to you and to develop these going forward. In addition, the course comprises both practical and theory to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the subject matter with modules such as the Enhanced Learning Module providing valuable guidance and support for greater success in your theoretical studies. The Yoga Fusion Module integrates theory and practical, allowing you the opportunity to teach Yoga classes under expert supervision and mentorship prior to and following graduation.

Course Topics include but are not limited to -

  • The Evolution of Yoga - from Scripture to Science
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • The Mind-Body and Yogic Psychology
  • Yogic Diet, Lifestyle and Health Practices
  • Hatha Yoga techniques, health benefits for mind-body balance and precautions in practice
  • Yogic anatomy & physiology including Doshas, Koshas and Gunas
  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama) for energy regulation
  • Meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Relaxation and  for the management of stress and stress-related conditions
  • Yoga Teaching Methods
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy (Workshop Special Topics)
  • Ethics in Yoga Teaching
  • The Yoga Business
  • Practical: Applied Yoga teaching in supervised yoga teaching sessions.
  • Plus two weekend Yoga Retreats in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney

Course Duration: 350 hours, two Semesters over 12-18 months, comprising 65% face-to-face teaching (247 hours) and 35% home study (110 hours)

Online delivery of various components of the course is now available due to Covid19 restrictions. The course completion date is also flexible and will be applied on a case by case basis where needed.

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