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19 Jul 2020

19 Jul 2021


self pace / 5 months online


$2025 full price

$1,900.00 Early Bird 2months prior

AYKF Teacher Training in Melbourne, Brisbane and Distance/Correspondence or On Line


Learn to give a life time Gift to children......Learn to teach them Yoga.

Angel Yoga  Teacher Training (AY TT) course, covers yoga for  children 2 - 16 years, teenagers, families and kids with special needs, yoga in schools, yoga for healthy kids, yoga diet and so much more. Our holistic, comprehensive teacher training course prepares you completely to teach yoga to children/families, teens and special needs in all environments, including early childhood centres, schools, yoga studio’s and schools, gyms, sporting groups, special holiday workshops  and  much more.

AY TT is perfect for any professional wishing to bring yoga into their work with kids, such as: Doctors’s, Nurses, Chiropractor’s, Physio, Occupational and Speech therapist’s, Dance Teachers, Sport Instructor’s Sport Coaches, Early Childhood & School Teachers, Day Care Mums and anyone working with children.

Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher, Dani Reidy, has been teaching yoga to adults, children and families for over 17 years and training people in all professions to include yoga into their day with children. Hundreds of yoga teachers have trained with us to specialise as Children, Teens, Family and Special Needs Yoga Teachers.


What we promise to give you:


• Aims to completely empower you to confidently teach all children of various ages

and levels in studio classes, schools, kindies, specialised workshops and special

needs requirements.

• Teach you to bring families closer together through family yoga

• Deepen your personal yoga practice both on and off the mat, learning to live the

yogic lifestyle. You will be breathing, talking, walking and eat yoga.

• Integrate all the elements of your training into your classes

• Attain confidence in basic human anatomy and physiology.

• Learn yoga philosophies for children, families and teens.

• The curriculum supplies facilitation in all areas of learning: kinesthetically,

emotionally and academically.

• You’ll be guided to create lesson plans for ages 2 through teens, family yoga and

partner yoga.

• Develop effective communication skills, for all ages, that will help deliver your Yoga

classes effectively.

• Impart you knowledge and wisdom on youth to help develop holistic and

compassionate future adults.

• Contribute to the community through teaching yoga.

• You will be promoted as AY student teacher.

• Opportunities to teach for AY classes.

• On going work opportunities with AY and other kids yoga schools.

• Promotion in our newsletters and Facebook page of your learning status and


• Access to our private Facebook page for Teacher Trainees and Graduate Teachers.

An online supportive community where you can get help with classes and

workshops or share your teaching experiences, ideas and success.

• Access to discounted AY further training

• Access to Insurance

• Help with acquiring a blue card

Foundation Course

Preparation levels 1-3


LEVEL 1 is an informative and introductory workshop which focusses on teaching

yoga to early childhood age and an introduction to yoga for children 2 - 5 years.

Level 1 covers:

* an introduction to yoga and the sutras,

* benefits of teaching and receiving yoga,

* communication and development for early childhood,

* learning styles of children,

* age appropriate teaching techniques,

* asanas suitable for kids,

* music therapy,

* yoga games,

* pranayama for kids,

* meditation,

* affirmations,

* preparing yoga sessions class for early childhood level

* homework/assignments


LEVEL 2 is a detailed program focussing on Yoga 4 Kids aged 5 - 12.

Level 2 covers many aspects of teaching yoga to children including:

* how to teach yoga to primary and middle school kids,

* age appropriate development

* yoga in the classroom,

* promoting a calm classroom

* partner & group yoga,

* music therapy,

* detailed class structuring,

* preparing yoga demonstrations,

* mandala art,

* more yoga games

* mantras and mudras

* meditation & creative visualisation

* assignments/homework



LEVEL 3 is the final workshop in AYK Foundation program. It focusses on yoga for

teenagers, introduction to yoga for special needs, yoga for families It also covers

Business development.

Prerequisite for level 3 is level 1 & 2 and on going personal yoga practice.

Training includes:

* principles of traditional yoga

* communication techniques for teeens

* effective teaching techniques for teens

* teaching yoga to teen girls

* teaching yoga to teen boys

* development in teens

* bullying amongst teens

* promoting good mental health

* bandhas

* advanced mantras,

* yoga nidra for teenagers

* chakra balancing

* anatomy

* pranayama

* mantra & affirmations for teens

* mudra for teens

* meditation for teens

* diet for teens - yogic approach to eating

* yoga & meditation for special needs,

* introduction to yoga philosophy

* advanced asanas

* advanced partner work,

* family yoga

* vinyasa lesson planning

* restorative yoga

* wellbeing for teens,

* yoga diet,

* mental health,

* creative yoga,

* chakra balancing,

* chanting

* business development

* become a great yoga teacher

Credit Hours: 35

All students planning to do Certification Program are required to take the AYKAF

Teacher Training Foundation course level 1-3 before moving into the Certification


The 35 hour course consists of:

Level 1 6 hours + 1 hours home assignments

Level 2 12 hours + 2 hours home assignments

Level 3 12 hours + 2 hours home assignments

AYKAF Certification Training (levels 4 - 6)

Speciality Modules


Anatomy & Physiology relating to Kids & Teens yoga 4 hours

Asana analysis, benefits and practice 2 hours

Homework 2 hours

Total hours 8


Yoga Philosophy for Kids & Teens 1 hours

Yoga Dance for kids & Teens 2 - 8 years 2 hour

Family Yoga, Holiday Workshop & Class Themes & Plans 1 hour

Special Needs 2. hour

Homework 2 hours

Total hours 8


AYKAF Practicum Program

All students finish their training with an internship. You are required to attend

classes and workshops with a AYKAF Yoga Teacher or, if you cannot attend classes

for geographical reasons, you can attend classes with a Certified Children’s Yoga

Teacher closer to you.

1. observe 6 hours of kids, teens, family and if available special needs, yoga


2. support teach in AYKAF classes, or for geographical reasons or in remote

areas with no access to kids yoga classes, prepare and teach your own


3. facilitate 13 hours, as a lead teacher, yoga classes for all ages from 2 - 16 and

communicate with parents of kids attending classes. 

Record of Observing and Teaching hours to be kept, witnessed and


Credit Hours: 25

Study by Correspondence: 

If you live out side of Melbourne or Brisbane, or you cannot attend training because of family and personal reason’s, you can apply to complete  AYKAF Certified Teacher Training Course by Correspondence. Those who cannot attend any workshops may have to attend a residential.

The correspondence course has the same modules (Level 1 - 6). You will receive a DVD of each Level and corresponding manual. You are able to work through the workshop in your own time. There are no time limits on you finishing, and you get to REWIND, REPLAY, GO OVER & OVER things until you understand them. 

Once you have submitted your assignment/homework, you will receive you certificate of attendence and be ready to receive the next level.


Students doing Correspondence or in remote areas with no access to children,

teen or family yoga classes, can access AYKAF on line classes.

You will be required to perform:

Home Assignments

Home assignments will be issued after each workshop which all students are

required to complete and submit, by email before attending the next workshop.

Checklist for Completion:

• AYKAF Foundation Program level 1-3 (35 Hours)

• Two 8-Hour Specialty Modules (16 Hours)

• Practicum Program (25 Hours)

• Home assignmentsTotal:

Total 76 Hours

Upon completion of all levels, assignments, practical records submitted and attendance at a residential for correspondence students, the status of AYKT (Angel Yoga 4 Kids Teacher) with AYKAF is awarded and you will be listed on our website.

Those registered as a yoga teacher with Yoga Australia can apply for the status RCYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Australia and CDP    1 hour equals 1 point.


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