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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training Program

Ashtanga Vinyasa

North Sydney Yoga

North Sydney Yoga



07 Feb 2021

05 Dec 2021


one year or three years



Inclusive of fortnightly theory classes and practice classes for the whole duration of the three modules/one year. Payment per module is also possible $1,500 - includes theory & practice classes; or $850 per module - theory only

Deepen the Experience is a one-year course designed to take you beyond the yoga class and heighten your experience of the practice. It’s perfect for students who wish to broaden their understanding of the ancient art and its relevance to our daily lives.

There are three modules that may be completed successively or taken independently, in your own time. Throughout the year-long course, you’ll receive mentorship and training from Angelika Knoerzer, the director of North Sydney Yoga, along with a support system of professional teachers and fellow practitioners.

Course Benefits

  • Gain an overall understanding of the science of yoga
  • Heighten your concentration and observational skills
  • Understand how to apply yoga to your day-to-day life
  • Experience internal stability, clarity, physical and emotional well-being through yoga
  • Learn how to look deeply into your asana practice and beyond, for a life changing experience
  • Be a part of our yoga community, where you can share your experiences with like-minded people
  • Successful completion of the one-year course makes up the first year of North Sydney Yoga’s personalised three-year Teacher Training program

Course Content

Deepen the Experience includes three modules of 12 weeks each. The content includes:

  • A weekly, two-hour theory class - or fortnightly four-hour class
  • Weekly practice with your teacher and other participants
  • Discussion and chanting of the Yoga Sutras
  • In-depth discussion of Asana, including execution, alignment and benefits
  • Asana adjustments, including for special needs
  • Understanding Vinyasa, Ujjayi breath, bandhas and dristis
  • The practice of Pranayama and meditation
  • Discussion of the eight limbs of yoga, focusing on the first four limbs and deep self-inquiry
  • Yoga physiology, philosophy and history

Participation Requirements

Students with a minimum of three months of consistent yoga practice are welcome to apply.

You are also required to have:

  • A genuine interest in and understanding of yoga and your own practice
  • Willingness to undertake considerable self-inquiry
  • Commitment to asana practice four times each week
  • Openness in communicating with the group and your teacher
  • The time and mental space for weekly homework, assignments, self-reflection and processing

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