Core Yoga Studios Teacher Training

Traditional Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga & the Mahabhutas, Restorative Yoga Principles, Pregnancy (Ante-natal, Prenatal and Pregnancy yoga), Vinyasa, Satyananda, Siddha, Hatha,

Core Yoga Studios West End

Core Yoga Studios West End



11 Feb 2023

26 Nov 2023


12 Months


$5750 or $5250 (early bird)

Payment plan available A payment plan is available with a $1550 deposit on application and 10 payments of $400 on the 1st of each month by direct debit, over 10 months

Level 1 YTT 2023 Dates: (350hrs)

  • Immersion 1: February 18-19 30 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 2: March  11-12 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 3: March 25-26 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 4: April 15-16 29-30 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 5: May 20-21 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 6: June 10-11 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 7: July 8-9 Saturday – Sunday
  • Immersion 8: August 12-13 Saturday – Sunday


  • Grounding –
    • o Body Architecture
    • o Asana
    • o Pranayama
    • o Meditation
    • o Yogic Physiology
    • o Philosophy and Ethics
  • Connecting –
    • o Compassionate Communication
    • o Teaching Methodology
    • o Self Study and Home Practice
    • o Tech Lab (Teaching Practicum)
  • Refining –
    • o Prenatal Yoga
    • o Yin Principles and the Mahabhutas
    • o Restorative Yoga Principles
    • o Yoga Therapeutics (Injury Management, Psychology, Stress, Psychoneuroimmunology)

Program Structure

Our delivery model is an Integrative Experiential Delivery Model. Yoga is based on experience. We want to facilitate your learning through meaningful experience. Our main objective is to provide an environment where we can nurture those wishing to develop their yoga journey with the fundamental principles and skill of a traditional practitioner but with the experience and insight to bring the essence of yoga into our modern world.

The delivery of our course involves a balance between:

  1. Yogic Philosophy
    2. Communication Skills
    3. Applied Anatomy
    4. Yogic Techniques

Yogic Philosophy is our foundation in which we begin our journey. Yoga comes from the root word “yuj” – to unite or join, to integrate. We are inviting you to experience how our traditional practices inform our modern connection and integration with yoga. Meaningful connection is the energy that is created between people or experiences when they feel both seen and heard and valued. When they can receive without judgment and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

Communication Skills are the embodiment of Prana (life-force) in compassionate action. It is our foundation in which we weave all the coloured threads of the tapestry of yoga together. Through thoughtful and compassionate communication we can inspire, motivate, express, support, nurture, heal, guide and grow as facilitators of change.

Applied Anatomy is our scaffold and framework built on the foundations of Yogic Philosophy and Communication. The modern experience of yoga is often initially physical. It is our responsibility to facilitate your understanding of applied anatomy within our yogic context and bring richness and meaning to the physical practices in a safe and appropriate way.

Yogic Techniques is our avenue to explore all of the physical aspects of traditional yoga. It encompasses all of the Asana or postures, Pranayama or breathing techniques, Shatkriya or cleansing techniques, and the integrative practices of Dharana and Dhyana or concentration and meditation techniques.

The course, while holistic in its approach, is also broken down into 2 areas of focus:

Deepening your experience of yoga and developing a personal practice

Developing your skills as a great communicator and teacher of yoga

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