Diploma of Classical Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training (Anatomy, Hatha, Classical, Meditation)

Australian College of Classical Yoga

Australian College of Classical Yoga



04 Jan 2020

19 Dec 2020


12 Months



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Diploma of Classical Yoga

Learn Yoga, Love Yoga, Live Yoga

How would you create a safe, yet challenging Yoga class?  How do you share that indescribible feeling of peace and renewal that you feel after your own Yoga practice? ACCY has 20 years of experience teaching Yogis to share their love and passion of Yoga with others. 

The Australian College of Classical Yoga was founded by Swami Shantananda in 1999, and her deep knowledge and wisdom are reflected in this unique training course.  The Yoga Sutras lie at the heart of Yoga, they are what differentiate Yoga from aerobics.  Swami Shantananda has developed an interpretation of the Yoga Sutras that is profound in its deep understanding of human mentality and spirituality; one that measures up to both traditional and modern understandings of the philosophy of Yoga.  

This traditional Yogic practice is combined with a scientific, no-nonsense approach to the physical practice (asana), that is grounded in anatomy and physiology.  ACCY’s approach to asana is built on the science of physical movement - the body is both challenged and protected, and teacher trainees learn to teach who is front of them because they understand the requirements of the body to perform the pose.  They do not rely on memorised formula to teach.

ACCY’s philosphical and physiological approach to Yoga is tied together with a modern approach to teaching practices, enabling both teacher trainees - and their students to follow - to learn in a dynamic, challenging environment that nurtures and fosters greater interest in learning.

ACCY's Diploma of Classical Yoga is also a wonderful way to further develop your own practice, even for those who have no plans to teach at the moment.   Classical Yoga embraces all aspects of Yoga. With its physical, mental, and spiritual components, traditional Yoga is the ultimate therapy.  As a non-dualist school, we practice Self Enquiry to find the deepest layer of Self. Our approach, handed down by master to student over hundreds of generations, is the authentic understanding that you yourself are an expression of Universal Consciousness. The personal and the universal meet harmoniously in your thoughts, feelings and awareness.

The result for you is that not only will you become competent to teach the postures of Yoga, you will be a teacher with an understanding of what YOGA is. You will have more skills than only Asana, increasing your teaching options. And most importantly, you will have begun to take that path towards deep transformation, which is the birthright of all of us.

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