Energetic Anatomy for Yoga

Energetic Anatomy, Yogic Physiology, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga

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01 Apr 2023

30 Apr 2023


5 Hours



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Energetic Anatomy for Yoga

Energetic Anatomy Online Education program for yoga, meditation, and mind-body-movement teachers.

This course is online and self-paced, so you can order your course and begin anytime.

Compliment your yoga, meditation, or mind-body-movement teaching with the philosophies, techniques, and creative sequencing and theming ideas for Energetic Anatomy.

This 5-hour course explores the traditional and modern studies of our energetic anatomy and connects these ideas with the practice and teaching of yoga, including movement, breathwork, mantra, meditation, and visualization.

Your course includes a study workbook, video discussion and practices, audio Sanskrit glossary, colouring page and chakra chart, and a guided study through your energetic anatomy.

You can study online and/or download all your study materials and keep them forever.

Areas of Study:
• Foundations of Practice & Teaching
• Energetic Anatomy: bodies, sheaths, chakras, nadis, elements, gunas
• Sequencing & Theming movement, meditation, mantra and more

Cost: $54
5 Hours:

Yoga Australia: 5 CPDs

YACEP/Yoga Alliance 5 CEUs

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