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College of Therapy Yoga and Zen Shiatsu - The Yoga House

College of Therapy Yoga and Zen Shiatsu - The Yoga House



18 Feb 2020

04 Jun 2020


6 months (2 evenings per week, x 2 block training periods)



Mention Yoga Australia Website and pay only $3,600 on accepted enrollment

Your Yoga Journey begins...

Discover a healthier, happier you with an exploration of yoga moves, postures and breathing - Japanese Remedial Yoga style. Working with the body's innate ability to heal itself, you will explore yoga through the meridians of the body (yep, the same ones as acupuncture) to not only improve your yoga, but balance your body.

When the mind, body and spirit are balanced, your body is healthy - you feel well. Learn and feel the meridians through the core Japanese Remedial Postures.

One of the first things we ask of you in this course is to make yourself well - to take control of your health. It is through this process of understanding yourself that you can begin to understand and help others and to start teaching Japanese Remedial Yoga.

This is a foundation 200 hour registered course which will kick start your professional yoga teaching career, a taste of what yoga teaching is all about. Explore health and yoga with us and learn just how wonderful you can be.

Course Content

This course runs during 10 week periods which coincide with school terms. Students will be required to complete individual subject modules with a blend of online, face to face lectures and practical tutorials.

You will complete studies in yoga's rich history and philosophies, Japanese Remedial Yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, teaching methods, business  of yoga, continuous logged personal practise and supervised interactive practise and student teaching. 

All our students are encouraged to join our continuous professional development program and be part of our regular mentoring and peer support sessions

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