Gita Gold Diploma of Hatha Teacher Training

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16 Jul 2019

21 Nov 2020


16 months Part time


Contact for details

Please contact us for details

Gita Gold Diploma of Hatha Teacher Training

What is Gita Teacher Training?

 Gita has been training yoga teachers since the early 1960’s – first in an apprenticeship role, later in a formal Teacher Training Course and now as an accessible combination of online and contact.

The Gita Teacher Training course is:

Based on a unique educational/learning style catering to individual needs
, and obtaining skills, knowledge and understandings which are uncommon and often misunderstood in general
 Western society.

Supported by individual co-ordinators (mentors), an experienced team of Gita-trained teachers, who assist students to lay the foundations for physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual growth. It is not about competition or about unrealistic evaluations and assessments.

Who does it?

Anyone wishing to grow and fulfill their true potential. Age or fitness level is not a barrier, as at Gita we believe we teach by what we are.

 Teacher Training helps us to be better at being more fully ourselves and thus make a more worthy contribution to the world.

Gita Teacher Training is a program for people seeking:

To grow
To understand
To challenge and to be challenged
To get answers to:
   Who am I ?
   Why am I here?
   Where am I going?
   What’s life all about?
   How can I change and inspire others?

OUR 2019/2020 Teacher Training Course will begin in July - please contact us or visit our website to find out more and ask us about our early bird program.

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