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15 Jul 2021

15 Dec 2022


16 months Part time


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Our All New Teacher Training Course

Beginning July 2021

Our new Teacher Training Course is taking shape at last!

After much deliberation and consultation we have totally revised the format to accommodate online learning in a series of Modules, some of which can be watched in your own time.

The Course has been redesigned to be more available online and with more time flexibility.

Our goal is, as ever, to provide the best teacher training we can offer, based on a long-standing tradition and extensive experience, and in a way that is as accessible as possible, on the basis on time, location and cost.

The all new Gita Teacher Training Course scheduled to commence in July this year.

It will consist of sixteen Modules, which will extend through to December 2022. These will include material for private study as well as online sessions.

There will be mandatory Zoom discussion and practical sessions, as well as live and recorded lecture input, downloadable materials and regular personal feedback from your co-ordinators.
The regular weekly Hatha sessions are to be done as a mixture of face to face and Zoom classes of your choice.

This evolution builds on the experience and discoveries of the most recent course and is a coming-together of the decades of classic Gita training and the new world we are moving into.

This new format overcomes the need for travel for face-to-face classes, as well as making the course more accessible to students at any distance.

Consequently, we have been able to considerably reduce the cost by eliminating the Inaugural weekend, formal Graduation and monthly physical group get-togethers.

The Course will still be substantial at around 600 - 650 hours, and will have a new name – the Gita World Teacher Training Diploma - Hatha Yoga…

Beginning July 2021

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