Adore Yoga's accredited yoga therapist training has been extended and upgraded - welcome to the new Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy! With a flexible online format, you can study yoga therapy with Adore Yoga from anywhere in the world!

This exciting new program includes: 

  • 218 hours of LIVE online tutorials
  • 12 hours of LIVE online 121 mentoring
  • 180 hours of asynchronous online training 
  • 2 x 7.5 day (120 hours) of face to face intensives in Sydney 
  • 150 hours of practice teaching in your home location

Course Timeline

Course preview launches 12 August 2020

The course guide launches on 12 August. Request your course guide and be the first to discover the new upgraded course on 12 August!

Priority booking opens 1 September 2020

Priority booking comes with some very special offers including Super Early Bird pricing and incredible bonus offers that bring even greater value to your yoga therapy training. Hurry! Priority booking only lasts 10 days!

Priority booking closes 10 September 2020

The exclusive priority booking bonuses and Super Early bird pricing end on 10 September. Make sure you put this date in your diary now - don't miss out!

Standard early bird booking opens 11 September 2020

Bookings open on 11 September with the standard early bird pricing - the Super Early Bird pricing and priority bonus offers are over, but you can still save $$ on the regular course price.

Regular price bookings open 29 October - 21 January

Course bookings at the regular price open on 29 October 2020 and continue through until 21 January 2021.

All bookings close 21 January 2021

To make sure you have time to complete the reading and course-work required before attending your first live online tutorial, bookings will close on 21 January 2021.This is the final cut-off date for studying yoga therapy with Adore Yoga in 2021.

Course begins 31 January 2021

Join a warm, welcoming and super-friendly group of like-minded yoga teachers for your first live online tutorial. This is the start of an amazing journey that will challenge, inspire and transform the way you teach yoga.  

Graduation Day! 2 December 2022

It might seem like a long way into the future, but you'll be graduating as a fully qualified and accredited yoga therapist before you know it!

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Nana headshot

Nana Gounder Chresta

Adore Yoga Therapy Graduate

"With classes comprising of all ages, anxiety and depression, hearing or visual limitations, menopause, autoimmune illnesses affecting the nervous system, injuries and surgeries restricting range of motion, people coming to relax, people coming to be active, people coming to socialise, people coming to get some private space, people craving adjustments vs people tensing up out of fear you may touch them, post traumatic stress and easily triggered, going through divorce, dealing with grief, chronic pain, etc.

How well are we able to establish their needs before we start class and how well do we know their anatomy, physiology, restrictions and abilities, mental state and energy, and how well are we prepared to teach a class that is custom made for this persons needs as well as every other person in class and their particular needs? One size does not fit all and teaching groups is a tricky privilege.

Yoga therapy is a deep dive into becoming a yoga teacher that can meet the student where they are at and make yoga accessible to each individual. Furthermore, it facilitates learning that allows yoga to become a valuable healing or health management tool.

I highly recommend the yoga therapy training with Adore Yoga and the extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled and passionate teacher collective that facilitate this training. Well worth checking out."