In Motion Lifestyle Centre 350 hour teacher training Course

Asana, Meditation and Relaxation, Mudra and Bandha, Anatomy and Physiology, Yogic Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle,

In Motion Lifestyle Centre

In Motion Lifestyle Centre



05 Feb 2021

05 Jul 2022


18 months



Payment plans are available upon request. Early bird special $5,600 paid in full by Dec 31st 2020.

Deepen your understanding of YOGA and the power of YOGA.

Yoga is a way of life and this course represents that, highlighting the systems of yoga helping you to find your flow to learn, unveil and reveal who you are with a commitment to teach through practice.  The science of yoga and the overall curriculum covers yogic knowledge and wisdom for you to find, discover and develop your authentic self.   Through these teachings and learning’s you will find the insight to teach authentically. 

The framework covers 17 months of face to face weekends allowing you time to integrate your yogic knowledge.  Throughout this 18month course you will be mentored to aide you through the commitment required to assimilate and teach.  This 18month programme offers time to assimilate, integrate and develop your yogic awareness into knowledge.

YOGA is integrative, and this approach will give you the foundations in all aspects of YOGA from an overall viewpoint – not a select school or style.  In Motion Lifestyle Centre is not associated with any lineage or particular style of yoga but with the essence of YOGA as a oneness for all.

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