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19 Feb 2022

19 Aug 2023


18 months



Monthly Payments or Pay in full

Inner Cor Yoga Academy’s yoga teacher training course offers students the tools and knowledge to flow through life calmly, confident and connected with a solid grounding for a yogic way of life.

Hatha Yoga is more popular than ever before, which means you can make an exciting career change doing what you love, help people to achieve their goals in health and happiness while developing and maintaining your personal yogic lifestyle.

This is a unique and invaluable opportunity to be trained in the traditional Hatha Yoga by Senior Swami Prema Ananda, who was herself trained by Swami Nirmalananda (Roma Blair) and Swami Ananda Shakti (Joy McIntosh). She has over 40 years of teaching and is an expert in Hatha Yoga.

Immerse yourself in a unique opportunity to stretch your personal boundaries and deepen your yoga practice.

Students receive the maximum in individual attention and guidance throughout the 350 hours accredited course. Our training includes an extensive and in-depth personal and professional view of ancient and modern yoga and its merits in the 21st Century.

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