Master of BioMedical Yoga Therapy, Meditation, & Allied Health 2019/2020

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The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation



01 Feb 2019

30 Nov 2020


2 years


TBA On Application

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BIYOME offers you the ultimate connection between the Western Medical Model and the Ancient Science of Yoga: enriching programs that foster teachers of integrative lifestyle medicine, job ready for a future in allied health.

The teaching we offer you aims to assist you in cultivating a deeply interconnected experience of mind, body and heart.  All of our courses are tailored to deliver to you pioneering evidenced-based medicine, side by side with transcendental experience.

Together we theoretically, empirically, and experientially explore the ancient philosophies of Yoga and Buddhism combined with innovative biomedical principals in our ever-expanding field of yoga, mind-body medicine and allied health.

Let BIYOME introduce you to and inspire you in the science and practice of yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, also known as: BioMedical Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Medicine.

650YTT Master of Biomedical Yoga Therapy, Meditation, & Allied Health
Complete Yoga Therapy Training Programme


Full Yoga Australia Member (Registered Level 3 Teacher)
Full Meditation Association of Australia Member
Eligibility for Associate Member of The Australasian Association of Lifestyle Medicine


1. Minimum - Yoga Australia Level 1 (350 hour) Registered Yoga Teacher, or equivalent.
2. Minimum of 2 years and at least 300 hours regular yoga teaching, up to 1 year or 150 hours may run concurrent with the Yoga Therapy training.
3. Minimum 2 years of recent regular practice.
4. Current First Aid certificate as required for all Yoga Australia registered yoga teachers.

Course Content: Hourly Breakdown Provided by BIYOME

650 total hours required over a two-year period. These hours will consist of:
1. A minimum of 500 hours of core curricular learning that develops the students’ knowledge base inclusive of:
a. Minimum of 350 hours core curricular learning via full contact residential learning.
b. 150 hours core curricular learning delivered by online distance learning through audio-visual content, podcasts, reflections, readings, and assessments.
2. A minimum 150 hours practicum
a. Direct case work with individual clients or therapeutic groups will total above 100 hours.
b. 50 hours of practicum will be allocated to the students own case preparation & practicum documentation.
i. Marking and mentoring will account for at least 10 of these hours.
3. Students who have missed core subjects and or competencies in the full 1000 hours BIYOME program will be requested to go back and complete basic competencies in 200 hour and 350 hours program (where required) to complete full 1000 hours training program and or 650 hours Yoga Therapy.

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