Radiant Light Yoga Teacher Training

Radiant Light Yoga has all the components of a balanced system of yoga - asana, pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy, plus the added benefit of the deeper teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Radiant Light Yoga

Radiant Light Yoga



07 Oct 2021

15 Sep 2022


520 total hours including in-class and external study and practice


See website for details: www.r

Option to pay in full or monthly payments

Radiant Light Yoga is an inspired and balanced yoga system with an emphasis on opening the heart and embodying spirit.

We combine vinyasa flow, sustaining poses with proper alignment, breath awareness, and guided deep relaxation, with a strong spiritual focus, creating a wholistic and integrated medium for transformation. Pranayama and meditation are also a big aspect of this style of yoga.

Co-founders Adam and Akash (Maaji) Bornstein are long-time followers of Paramahansa Yogananda. Inspired by his teachings they see service and devotion as the motivating forces behind Radiant Light Yoga.

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