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Yoga Nidra,

The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation

The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation



19 Apr 2019

22 Apr 2019


50 Hours



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50CPD2 Yoga Nidra Therapy & Neuroscience  (April 19th – 22nd 2019)

Yoga Nidra is an evidence-based practice that has captivated the world of self-care and rest.  There is a prevalence within our society that places demand before rest, as such there is a sustainable need for teachers to engage in practices the instil an understanding that begets rest within their clientele.  Recent research has shown that the brain experiences the same activity during a 30-minute Yoga Nidra practice as about 4 hours of sleep: Yoga Nidra is an effective technique for physical and mental relaxation.

There is a literal meaning behind Yoga Nidra as yogic sleep: this practice cultivates a dynamic conscious state that takes place between wake and repose.  Proven beneficial to people suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, psychosomatic diseases, chronic pain and inflammation, as well as chemical dependency and a multiplicity of other ailments, with repeated practice Yoga Nidra has the capacity to establish joy based in resilience recuperation and a sense of well-being in daily life.

This Yoga Nidra & Neuroscience Specialty Intensive will enable you to enrich your understanding and knowledge based on how to teach students to consciously explore the waking state, the dreaming state, the sleeping state, as well as how to experience all three collectively.  This adept appreciation for the Nidra state will be cultivated through the understanding of brain wave patterning and common states of the mind and brain from a neurobiological perspective.  Moreover knowledge base will allow an understanding of how this specific technique of yoga has further traditional bases in preparing the mind for higher yogic disciplines.

Specialised Theory of Technique

·      Understanding the philosophy behind practice including the history and roots of Yoga Nidra as Therapy within the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

·      Understanding the physiology behind practice including the neurobiology of brainwaves as they apply to the stages of Yoga Nidra.

·      Understanding the psychology behind practice including the spiritual and transcendental roots in combination with evidence-based research behind Yoga Nidra as Therapy.

·      Understanding from a complete immersive experience the foundations, applications, and teaching methodologies of Yoga Nidra as Therapy.

Taught by:

Swāmi Muktibodhānanda (Satyananda yoga)

Required books

1.     Saraswati, S. S. (2003). Yoga nidra. Munger, India: Yoga Publications Trust.

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