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The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation

The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation



02 Jan 2020

05 Jan 2020


50 Hours



Upfront Payment Required

CPD01 Meditation and Mind Body Medicine Teacher Training

NEXT DATE OFFERED: January 2 – January 5, 2020

This intensive has been specifically designed to give you an opportunity to begin your journey in teaching meditation. This elective is a complementary module to BIYOME’s Meditation as Lifestyle Medicine: Transformational Meditation as Lifestyle Medicine Introductory Programme – a requirement of all 110hr Meditation Certifications – and has been specifically designed to bring each new year into abundance with topics that highlight the potential of mind body medicine.

Meditation and mind body medicine is perfect for people who suffer with stress or anxiety, chronic pain, depression and ill health – many find powerful relief and go on to help others find health through a meditation teacher training course. There is a multiplicity of benefits in learning the biopsychosocial effects of stress and the accompanying positive contributions that meditation has on holistic wellbeing. So, whether you do this course for yourself or to teach others, it is a highly valuable practice to live by and share with others. Meditation is an innovative lifestyle medicine of the 21st century.

What you will learn throughout this course

Understanding the philosophy behind practice including an understanding of intention and intuition within the juxtaposition of eastern and western traditions.

Understanding the physiology behind states of flow as they relate to states of samâdhi including a glimpse into the neurobiology of stress and the HPA axis.

Understanding the psychology behind practice including the spiritual and transcendental roots of intuition, intention, resolutions, resilience, human potential, and positive psychology.

Understanding from a complete immersive experience the foundations, applications, and teaching methodologies of Meditation and Mind Body Medicine.

Taught by

Swāmi Mukti (Satyananda yoga)

Celia Roberts (Head Senior Teacher, BSc)

Dr. Sue Jackson (Flow & iRest Specialist)

For more information please visit BIYOME.com.au

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