The Art and Science of Teaching Yoga

Hatha Yoga with strong Iyengar influence

Yoga Room

Yoga Room



29 Jan 2021

05 Dec 2021


1 years


$5,000.00 (TBC)

Upfront payment discounts and payment plans are available.

The Art and Science of Teaching Yoga is a 1-year program. Students will receive a thorough grounding in the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be a Hatha Yoga teacher in the lineage of B.K.S. Iyengar and family.

The program emphasizes practice, experiential learning, mentorship and intensive study within a supportive community of practitioners.

Class time is balanced between direct teaching, student teaching, guided practice and required theory. Whenever possible the teaching is active so that students experience the validity of what is taught instead of memorizing mere words. This consistent practice and refinement develops the students’ understanding, knowledge, confidence and ability.

Home assignments include reading, writing and practice logs, we review and correct the logs to help you refine your practice, as your practice deepens and improves, your foundation for teaching broadens.

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