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General, Meditation, Hatha, Therapeutic

The Yoga Den

The Yoga Den



16 Feb 2015

16 Jan 2016


350 hrs 1 year




Kate Pell is a Senior Level III teacher with Yoga Australia and Dan Alder (assistant teacher Level I), is one of her teacher training students from a previous course (2010). Dan took over Kates' Yoga school in Brisbane (The Yoga Den) when she moved to Bowral. Kate has a long history of studying with Iyengar Yoga teachers, as physical alignment of the body is such an important aspect of living and moving healthily. Kate also integrates many years of Vipassana meditation practice as well as her knowledge as a trained Shiatsu therapist. Kates teachings come from the heart and the focus of the course is to teach how to live from ones own heart, through understanding the eight fold path as set out by Patanjali in his Sutras. The course is comprised of 8 weekend workshops 6am - 6pm, a 5 day retreat, regular weekly 2 hour practices with Dan at The Yoga Den, and home study and practice. The course is for those who wish to teach and also for those who simply wish to deepen their yoga life experience. The training will give students a solid base of asana knowledge by starting with the developmental movement patterns and yogic philosophies that integrate 'present-ness', 'being-ness' and 'open heart' practices to discover the beauty that already rests within.

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