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My Yoga Time



01 Dec 2022

01 Feb 2023


50 Hours



Study online

This Immersion takes the yogi on an inward journey; physically, mentally and spiritually.  Understand what is happening physiologically in the body's matrix, connective tissue, joints, fascia and nervous system, as well as the subtle body, meridians, chakras, nadis and vayus. Learn how to sequence therapeutically and support your and your students unique bodies.

Yogis will receive 80 page manual and 11 online yin classes.

The thorough curriculum covers;

~ benefits, principals & history of Yin Yoga

~ addressing tension & compression in the body

~ our unique bodies & range of motion, stretching v's lengthening

~ how yin effects muscles, tendons, ligaments, adhesions & fascia, myofascial lines and nerve plexus

~ pranayama & mudras

~ subtle physiology; chakras, vayus, nadis, meridians and acupressure points 

~ myofascial sequencing

~ mental, emotional & physical benefits

~ understand the physical benefits of reshaping the body through yin and releasing tight fascia

~ enhance your yin experience through pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi

~ therapeutic sequencing, holding space, modifications and props

My Yoga Time offers industry leading online and in studio learning for all yogis who want progress their practice to the next level.  

Commence anytime and take as long you need to complete the course. 

Enrol now online  https://myyogatime.com/p/yin-yoga-immersion/

Try this Yin Yoga Class for the Stomach & Spleen Meridians including acupressure points


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