Yoga For Common Musculoskeletal Conditions (self paced online)

Hatha Yoga, Classical Yoga

Physioyoga and Wellbeing

Physioyoga and Wellbeing



16 Feb 2023

16 Nov 2023


9 months


Promotional $880. Upfront $995

Payment plans 4 x monthly or 10 x weekly. Also offering 2 x 50% scholarships upon application based on need.
50 hour Yoga For Common Musculoskeletal Conditions

Learn to:
Safely teach Yoga for people with common musculoskeletal conditions.
Inspire with effective yoga options to help with a number of common musculoskeletal conditions.
* Essential  practical yoga anatomy for 20+ musculoskeletal conditions.

* 50 Foundational Yoga postures and modifications with simple props.

* Principles of movement with Physioyoga.

* Myofascial meridians related to TCM meridians and how to apply.

* Emotions, mental health and trauma sensitive practice.

* Clinical reasoning and case studies.

* Modern pain science and physiotherapy principles underpin this course.

Incorporate yoga for those with Common Musculoskeletal Conditions while working within your scope of practice:
  • Suitable for one to one or with groups. eg yoga teachers and therapists.
  • Inspire your students with effective modifications to suit their individual needs.

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