Yoga Teacher Sound Training

Open to all styles of yoga, learn to integrate sound into classes, using Crystal Singing Bowls and voice.

Haven Yoga Meditation and Rainbow Sounds

Haven Yoga Meditation and Rainbow Sounds



27 Aug 2022

28 Aug 2022


25 hrs 2 day workshop and Zooms over 2 months


1500 includes 1 x crystal bowl

Early bird and payment plans available

Workshop Teachers: Bianca Sengos (Rainbow Sounds – Certified Sound Healer) and Jane Toohey (Level 2 Yoga and Meditation Teacher from Haven Yoga & Meditation)

CPD points: 25


Yoga Teacher Sound Pack:

  • A Rainbow Sounds crystal singing bowl (choose on the day from our full range) + 2 mallets
  • Set of Mala Beads 
  • Chakra cards pack (1 pack)

Exclusive discount on:

Comprehensive Training Materials & Takeaways:

  • Training workbooks + practical exercise sheets
  • Assessment sheets & homework
  • Receive 9 new yoga classes – designed for you to balance chakras and incorporate your bowls
  • Receive 4 sound-only classes
  • Receive meditation scripts – designed specifically for you to use

Initial workshop agenda – What you will learn

Intensive application of a complementary therapy that is crystal sound via use of crystal singing bowls.

True Tone & Vibration

  • Strike and sing the bowl using a range of mallets, and understand the difference in all of them
  • Listen for the true tone of the bowls and learn how to influence the sound wave that you're creating
  • Develop your process/ritual or style that fits your business and brand.

Music & Sound Journeys

  • The musical notes & chords that play nicely together
  • Sound journeys, emotional and physical effects
  • Binaural sound magic Brain & Body Science
  • The dance of brainwaves and sound-waves
  • The secret life of our cells
  • Learn cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning
  • Sacred Sounds & Bio Tuning
  • Sacred sounds that are thousands of years old
  • Breath and vocal flow
  • What Bio-Tuning is all about practical class


  • How to integrate crystal bowls into a yoga class (we run through one whole class across the 7 chakras and integrate the bowls in the first workshop).
  • How to use mala beads in a mala meditation class
  • How to develop your own guided meditation script.

On completion of the course and successful completion of a multiple choice quiz students receive a Certificate of Completion.

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