Yogababy Postgraduate Diploma in PreNatal/PostNatal Yoga & Active Birth

Pregnancy (Ante-natal, Prenatal and Pregnancy yoga),





24 Jan 2020

27 Jul 2020


PreNatal 50hrs- Postgraduate Diploma 150hrs


$895 PreNatal Yoga TT or $2550

$150 non-refundable deposit/payment plans are available

Suzanne Swan (Senior Yoga Teacher with over 18 years of experience in teaching PreNatal/PostNatal Yoga & ActiveBirth) will be offering a specialised trainings. If you complete all three trainings you will eligible to receive the Postgraduate Diploma in Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga & Active Birth  (150 hrs). You can attend any of the 50hr trainings separately.

Curriculum 50 hours each– PreNatal/PostNatal & Active Birth

  • Non-residential Weekend Intensives
  • Observation (Yoga classes + class plans)
  • Assessment (Teaching classes)
  • Assignments (Readings and case studies)

What you will learn:

PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training (Jan 2020 or July 2020) 4-day

  • Understand the three trimesters & common complications in pregnancy
  • Understand the physical & spiritual development of the baby
  • Explore yogic physiology & philosophies as they relate to pregnancy
  • Practice teaching safe yoga during pregnancy
  • Understand the anatomy of the female pelvis & uterus
  • Observe & study pregnancy yoga classes

PostNatal Yoga Teacher Training (Mar 2020) 4-day

  • Understand the postpartum period - the physical & emotional changes of motherhood and common complaints
  • Understand baby development
  • Explore yogic physiology & philosophies as they relate to motherhood
  • Practice teaching safe alignment & modifications for yoga during postpartum
  • Understand the anatomy of the abdominals & pelvic floor

Active Birth Training (May 2020)3-day

  • The physiology & hormones of labour & birth
  • Understanding what is an Active Birth
  • Explore Relaxation & Mindfulness skills as they relate to birth
  • Principles of Active Birth: Positions for labour, massage & breath work
  • Understand the anatomy of the pelvis & pelvic floor during labour & birth

Pre qualifications

  • 200-350 Yoga Teacher Certification (Min Level 350 hours) 
  • Midwife or other related women's health professionals (you will need to have at least a 6 month yoga practice).  The training will increase your knowledge of working one-on-one with women in your workplace teaching proven mind/body techniques for health & wellness during pregnancy.
  • The teacher training does not qualify you to teach pregnancy yoga classes if you are not already a qualified yoga teacher/Midwife. If you are planning on teaching pregnancy yoga classes you will need to either a) complete the PreNatal Yoga TT (50hr) with a 350hr Yoga Teacher certification or b) complete the Postgraduate Diploma (150hr) with 200 hrs yoga experience.


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