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Hatha yoga, philosophy, Functional anatomy and physiology, yogic physiology, meditation. pranayama and more





27 Apr 2019

31 May 2020


14 months


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Teacher Training Overview

This year's YTT is now fully booked. Send me your expression of interest for next year.

YogaHara’s Yoga Teacher Training (YHYTT) will meet the Australian minimum standards for yoga teachers as set out by the Australian Yoga industry association, Yoga Australia and will be conducted over 14 months to allow for a deepening of understanding and learning in many aspects of yoga.

This 350 hour course will cover:

  • Asana, functional anatomy and western physiology

  • Yogic physiology, history and philosophy

  • Pranayama, meditation, relaxation

  • Teaching methodologies - designing classes, teaching practice, modifications

  • Specialities - prenatal, mental health, age related practice

The course will begin on April 27th 2019 and run for 14 months. Delivery will be every second Sunday and one Saturday per month. It is open to yoga students who have had 2 or more years of regular yoga practice. This teacher training can be confidently undertaken by those wishing to become yoga teachers. However it is also appropriate for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of this ancient practice and philosophy for their own personal development.


The majority of classes will be Face to face with maybe a few webinair classes. There will be an online learning portal for pre-reading and resources. All face to face classes will be held at the YogaHara studio, 1A King Street, Bendigo.


I am also thrilled to have the support of some incredible yoga teachers and trainers joining me on the faculty, most are senior Yoga Australia teachers and specialists in their fields.

Kaye Tribe is a qualified Yoga Therapist, Myotherapist and lecturer in a range of health science subjects including functional anatomy. Her teaching experience spans some 23 years and she has a thorough understanding of how applied functional anatomy assists both Yoga teachers and therapists. She has been offering teaching training for over 10 years.

Janet Lowndes is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Psychologist who has been working therapeutically with individual clients for almost 20 years. Having trained originally in Psychology, Janet became interested in an embodied approach to health and wellbeing.

Lorraine McCleave was first introduced to yoga in the mid 60s. Over the years she sought out different teachers and yoga styles and in 1987 qualified as a teacher of Hatha Yoga with Gita International. The past 30 years has seen Lorraine teaching yoga in many different settings, and she has a particular interest the human body and western physiology.

Clare Fleming has been teaching yoga since 1995 after completing her teacher training in the Sivananda Yoga tradition. She continued her studies with the Heart of Yoga teacher education course and workshops through the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram where she developed a passion for Yoga Sūtra and Vedic Chanting.

Anahata Giri has been practising yoga for more than 25 years and teaching yoga and meditation since 2002. She explores yoga from the inside out, helping students to first connect with their deepest presence so that they can find deeply integrated ways of moving and being.

And me, Gina Macauley. I have been practicing since the late 80s and teaching since 2009. I am also a yoga therapist and a certified iRest yoga nidra teacher. Over the years I have practiced a variety of different styles with different teachers and have discovered that there is no one style that best suits my body all the time as I am constantly changing. It is this philosophy that I bring to my teaching, giving students the benefit of my combined influences to discover, through the ancient teachings of Yoga, how best to work with their own body and mind to achieve their lifestyle goals. I lead students towards the union of the body, mind and spirit, through the breath guiding them to re-connect with their inner, deeper wisdom enabling them to be in harmony with the world around them.

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