Yogaphysio Multi-level Class Teaching and Catering for Ailments

Therapeutic yoga, Multi-level classes





08 Jan 2023

05 Feb 2023


5 x 2 hours



early bird 1 Dec $170

This online course will be a mix of practice and theory discussion with homework between sessions. Topics covered will include:

  • Assessment of students in class - refining your observation to determine where limitation happens
  • Class Planning - we will review class planning from the point of view of integrating modifications and options, including methodologies of language and instruction.
  • Degrees of difficulty - we will explore easier and harder options, in order to provide appropriate options for students, but also to allow effective and safe pathways of progression.
  • Modification - we will explore integration of modifications to address common issues in poses
  • Specific Therapeutics - we will introduce some easy alternative practices for specific ailments. This content will be developed more thoroughly in the Yoga Therapeutics Course Series.

In between sessions you will be encouraged to integrate what you learn into your classes and complete reflective homework tasks for feedback in next session. Course content will be covered in 5 weeks and an informal facebook mentoring group (with live meetings) will support you to explore what you have learnt. From this we will build a nice little community of teachers integrating yoga therapy into their classes.

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