Yogic Lifestyle 150 Hr Post Graduate

Yoga Rhythms

Yoga Rhythms

Yoga Rhythms



09 Nov 2019

16 Nov 2019


8 Day Residential



All inclusive - Workshops, Accommodation, Meals.

This Course is suitable for Yoga Teachers who have completed a minimum of 200hrs training. This course completes your 350hr minimum Yoga Teacher Training requirements, and offers 150 points to those already qualified and looking to enhance their skills.

Being a Yoga Teacher is a commitment to the 'Self', it is an opportunity to offer others the tools to live a modern life with peace, clarity and love. 

To do this we need to share from personal experience.

Joining the Yogic Lifestyle course offers you the skills to teach Power, Children's and Yin Yoga.

Create the space to be away from your daily responsibilities

With Workshops, disciplined daily practices, and creative play, the Yogic Lifestyle Residential is the gift that you offer to yourself.

The price is all inclusive, reserve your spot today.

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