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The Centre of Yoga - Zen Ki Yoga

The Centre of Yoga - Zen Ki Yoga



20 Jul 2018

30 Jun 2019


450 hours


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Now it doesn't matter where you live!! You can learn Zen Ki Yoga® and spread it's healing benefits to your community. Your participation in the Zen Ki Yoga® Teacher Training Diploma will ensure you are equipped with the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience to teach yoga anywhere and any time, in any situation.

The therapeutic nature of Zen Ki Yoga® will allow you to use it with people at any age, with any health condition, with any level of mobility and fitness and even those with zero flexibility. Zen Ki Yoga® is also very beneficial and challenging for those who are fit, healthy and flexible and will also assist those practicing Indian yoga styles to take their yoga further.

If you are interested in Zen Ki Yoga® Basics for your own knowledge - poses, macrobiotics, meridians and philosophy; you can do this course for self-interest and self-care as well as if you wish to become a yoga teacher. The course consists of 2 visits to Sydney to gain the benefits of face-to-face learning and teaching of live classes.  These visits are conveniently blocked so that you get the most out of the course. The rest of the course is by correspondence and online. There are lots of online classes to keep up your practice and detailed tutorials to ensure you have great knowledge of all of the poses, meridians, how they work to teach safe, effective classes.

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