Ahmed Shariif

Quantum Yoga

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Ahmed Shariif, an internationally certified and registered one of the best Yoga-Meditation Teacher and Therapist from Quantum Foundation (+8801713392558, 01714974333) -the best Yoga-Meditation training Institute/School/College/University in Dhaka Bangladesh, has been practicing yoga since his school life. He has learnt Yoga, Meditation and Quantum Method-The Science of Living from renowned Bangladeshi Guru Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq and Majee Nahar El Bukhari. Afterwards he gathered knowledge about meditation, NLP, yoga and holistic health from different International Institutions. He joined Quantum Method Meditation Course & Yoga foundation in 1997.

He has been teaching yoga and mindfulness institutionally since 1997. After completing his M.S.S master degree he dedicates himself for the services to the mankind and creatures by the platform of renowned humanitarian non-profit organization ‘Quantum Foundation’.

Now working as Chief Yoga Instructor of Quantum Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

He is also an Organier (Organizer) and Quantum Counselor of Quantum Foundation.

Apart from conducting regular yoga courses of Quantum Foundation, as a Stress Management Trainer, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Life Style Coach, Wellness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Meditation Counselor, Diet and Nutrition promoter and Naturopathic Guide, he also conducts different kinds of yoga training, wellness sessions, workshops and seminars for different national and international organizations by Quantum Foundation.

He has delivered speech & training on Yogic Techniques, Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), Scientific Food Habit & Life Style, Quantum Method Meditation Orientation , Stress Management, Benefits of Meditation, Compassionate Leadership, Power of Mind and Brain, Utility of Yogic life etc. in different Corporate Offices, Administrative and Commercial Offices, School-College-Universities and others Educational Institutions, Government, Semi-Government, Non-Government Institutions.

The name of some institutions

•    U.S. Embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

•    Indian High Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh

•    News24 Channel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

•    Bangladesh Television (BTV), Govt. of Bangladesh

•    Dhaka Central Jail, Bangladesh

•    Bangladesh Police Training Center, Sardah, Rajshahi

•    Bangladesh Police Training Center, Noakhali

•    Dhaka Officers’ Club, Bangladesh

•    Bangladesh Civil Service Administration (BCS Admin) Academy

•    Aarong- A Multinational Company

•    Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC)

•    Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI), Bangladesh

•    Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM)

•    National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM)

•    Electoral Training Institute (ETI) of Bangladesh Election Commission Secretariat

•    UNILEVER Bangladesh-A Multinational Company

•    EMK Center, Dhaka

•    CARE International-A Multinational Company

•    Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)

•    E-Generation- A Software IT Company

•    Bangladesh Small and Cottage Indutries Corporation (BSCIC)

•    Mutual Trust (MTB) Bank Limited

•    Telecommunications Staff College, Gazipur Dhaka

•    Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

•    Supreme Court Lawyers Association

•    Dhaka Lawyers Association

•    Hindu Dhormio Kollan Trust of Bangladesh Govt.

•    Orion Pharmaceuticals Limited

•    ACME Laboratories Limited

•    Teachers’ Training College, Mymensingh

•    The Sunbeam International School

•    Sylhet Cadet College

•    Dhaka University

•    Rajshahi University

•    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology etc.

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