Alison Cassidy

Children/Kids, General, Hatha, Yoga Dance

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Alison has been teaching Yoga and creative dance for 30 years.  Her first love was the theatre and she trained as an actor, singer, mime and creative dancer.  She now draws on her extensive theatrical experience to inspire eclectic and creative classes.

From 1984 - 1993 Alison Studied Yoga and creative dance at Mangala Studios and during that time, she taught at the Bhava Yoga Centre in Warrandyte.

In 1993 Alison opened Kumbada Studio of Yoga and Creative Dance in the old Methodist church in Kalorama.  Surrounded by the lush natural bushland of the Dandenong Ranges, Kumbada Studio embodies the perfect balance of inner peace and dynamic creativity.


Kumbada Studio of Yoga & Creative Dance

03 9761 9363
, Kalorama, VIC, 3766

what people are saying about Alison Cassidy

Barbara - 60-something student and writer.

Yoga at Kumbada with Alison offers a deeply personal experience. Her direction as facilitator is never invasive or autocratic. It allows all in the class to participate at an individual pace and level without any sense of competition. Alisons sensitivity and restraint draws the student towards doorways of the soul that invite entry without fear of intrusion or the distraction of unsought chatty companionship .

Diane Thomas - student of many years.

Alison is a living treasure of a yoga teacher in my estimation. I encourage all those souls curious about living consciously to share her joy and embrace the challenges she offers through yoga. Each class is offered generously, creatively and wholeheartedly. Each class reflects her deep knowledge of all aspects of traditional and contemporary Yoga practice. Her teaching is light, intuitive and inspiring. It lifts you high and encourages patience and acceptance with where you are at the moment. She is that rare and delightful thing for me a gifted and serious teacher who shares all with a sense of irreverence and fun. Her classes are a gift to myself every week in the beautiful and endlessly inspiring space that is her Kumbada Studio. This is the sanctuary that Alison has created for all who come.

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