Caroline Giles

Yoga Therapy, Integral hatha Yoga, Restorative (Relax & Renew), Mentor

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


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This personalised small Studio offers classical balanced yoga classes alongside therapeutic consultations and on-line Courses, bringing health and well-being to those seeking a more balanced life. This community is for the everyday person like you and me. 

I am passionate to teach yoga practices for physical, energetic, emotional, mental and Spiritual well-being. I bring the modern science of brain-body behaviour and a commitment to the latest therapeutic practices, to provide a quality service with integrity.

From over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and more than 17 years’ teaching yoga, I tailor the approach to you in a calm and evidence-informed way. This includes teaching those coping with injury, illness, ageing, stress, emotional or psychological challenges.

These services are currently offer through:

Small group Studio and online classes here

Yoga Therapy Consultations here

Premium Yoga Therapy Video Library here

Free Online Learning here

You are most welcome to book an initial conversation with me here

Caroline Giles

2A Regent Street, Brighton East, VIC, 3187


Location Class Days Time
2A Regent Street Brighton East 3187 Hatha Level 1-2 Thursdays 6 - 7.30pm
2A Regent Street Brighton East 3187 Therapeutic Fridays 9.30-11am
Online Hatha Level 1-2 Wednesdays 6.30 - 7.30am

"Always wait and listen, learn from experience. Learn from your everyday life."

Sri Swami Satchidananda

what people are saying about Caroline Giles

Lisa, Physiotherapist

Thank you so so much for the beautiful practices. It was exactly what my mind and spirit needed! It has been hard to quieten the mind as of late, and tonight was so helpful towards this. It felt so wonderful to allow myself 90 minutes without the phone, as I just focused on the present moment. I loved those humming breaths and will take this as a little technique to complete as needed.

Kerri Layton, Myotherapist, Myotherapy and Movement Clinic

Carolines understanding and application of pain management will benefit anyone experiencing chronic pain. It is not just her thorough knowledge in the latest pain management research, but her individualised and gentle approach which sets this course apart. As someone who assists people in chronic pain on a daily basis, I highly recommend this course for those looking for a greater understanding of pain and how to manage it without the use of medication or invasive techniques.

Neil, retired Executive

A yoga practitioner recommended Caroline, as I was looking for a teacher to address specific issues with balance, core strength and relaxation. A series of one-to-one sessions worked brilliantly. I recommend Caroline without hesitation as she is an excellent listener, a careful observer and incredibly good communicator. Her focus on my individual needs and the excellent environment all delivered a most successful outcome.

Emily, USA

I'm so pleased to be learning from the online 'Move with Ease' Module! I have worked with a Yoga Therapist in the past but she is no longer available. I am a long term migraine person and tend to hold myself pretty tight. These are just the practices for me.


I love the Experience Yoga studio - it's so warm and peaceful. Caroline is an amazing yoga teacher who also has incredibly clear and helpful perspectives on dealing with the everyday dramas of life. I leave her classes feeling calm and relaxed. Exactly what I need.

Mary, awaiting hip replacement

Every morning I start with your online video of the full body cleanse. Its only in the last couple of weeks that Ive experienced the relaxation you speak about . I now know my tensions and can do something about it. It is a tremendous help with easing the pain Ive been experiencing for most of this year.

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