Caroline Giles

Yoga Therapy, Integral hatha Yoga, Restorative (Relax & Renew)

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Caroline Giles is a certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), a Senior Yoga Teacher (YA), a registered Mentor (YA) and a Relax & Renew® trainer. Caroline trained in ashrams in a lineage tradition, Integral Yoga®, and maintains professional mentoring til this day. Caroline has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and more than 15 years’ teaching yoga. 

Experience Yoga is a small studio and business that has evolved alongside Caroline's years of daily practice, learning and exploring, to build and sustain a community for the everyday person on and off the mat. Experience Yoga offers traditional yoga classes alongside therapeutic courses and consultations, bringing health and well-being to those seeking a more balanced life.

Caroline teaches Integral Yoga® a scientific system and sequence that when practised regularly enhances flexibility and strength, energy and vitality, harmony and peace of mind. In group and Private sessions, Caroline tailors her approach to the individual in a calm and evidence-informed way. This includes teaching those coping with injury, illness, stress, emotional or psychological challenges. Yoga Therapy consultations, private classes and corporate sessions are an integral part of the service.

Caroline Giles

2A Regent street, Brighton East, VIC, 3187


Location Class Days Time
2A Regent street Brighton East 3187 Hatha Level 1-2 Tuesdays 7.05 - 8.35pm
2A Regent street Brighton Eat 3187 Hatha Level 1-2 Thursdays 6.15 - 7.45pm
2A Regent street Brighton East 3187 Therapeutic course Fridays 9.30-11am
Eureka Tower Hatha Level 1-2 Wednesdays 6.15 - 7.15am

"Always wait and listen, learn from experience. Learn from your everyday life."

Sri Swami Satchidananda

what people are saying about Caroline Giles


I've been teaching yoga for a few years now, and had been searching for a class to attend for my own practice, which had a balance of the physical, mental & spiritual elements of yoga. I was very pleased to find Caroline & her very tranquil studio. Caroline is an authentic & very insightful teacher. Her gentle pace & calm nature, leaves you feeling centred and blissful after each class :)


Yoga at work is a great option for a low physical impact, highly beneficial practice. In particular where men can relax and distress without having to compete. We also need to connect with our bodies and mind.


When I found Caroline's classes I was looking for a intermediate practice that didn't strain my joints. I have found that along with a great stretch, core strength, less negative thoughts and more contentment after each class, and know the Experience Yoga studio is somewhere I always come home from feeling better than when I arrived. This is a studio created with care in mind.


I have practiced yoga intermittently over the past 30 years so I knew of the benefits of yoga for the body and soul. I developed chronic shoulder pain which persisted for one year; I then had shoulder surgery as I had exhausted all conservative treatment options. Unfortunately I developed a frozen shoulder after the surgery. The surgery necessitated a significant amount of time away from my work, I was unable to partake in any sport and my daily activities were very limited due to the ongoing pain. Being a Type A personality and having enjoyed good health all my life, I found this all very stressful and I had started to feel powerless and a bit sad. I knew that pain management was essential and I contacted Caroline as I had previously attended her excellent yoga classes. Caroline's teaching initially comprised a few one-on-one sessions where she was able to tailor the meditation practices to my specific needs. She kindly recorded guided meditation which I have used almost daily since and which has been wonderfully helpful. The meditation course was comprehensive, nurturing and very effective and has helped significantly in the management and reduction of my pain and a general calming of my personality. I meditate for a short time each morning and try to do a longer session each afternoon, the latter time slot being a bit more challenging. I am a convert! I have now improved to the extent where I am now ready to try gentle yoga classes again. Thanks to Caroline, I have incorporated a daily meditation practice into my life, with huge benefits.


I love the Experience Yoga studio - it's so warm and peaceful. Caroline is an amazing yoga teacher who also has incredibly clear and helpful perspectives on dealing with the everyday dramas of life. I leave her classes feeling calm and relaxed. Exactly what I need.


Caroline is an incredibly gifted yoga teacher and friend. Caroline is a natural teacher creating a compassionate atmosphere in her warm well appointed home studio. Caroline installs a love of yoga in her students with her skill, compassion and her continued learning. Caroline clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs and circumstances. One leaves her class revitalised and with a tranquil mind.

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