Celia Roberts

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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Celia Roberts BSc

Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Clinical Yoga Therapist

Ayurvedic Medical & Complementary Health Practitioner.

Celia Roberts BSc

Celia has experienced first-hand all the benefits yoga and complementary health can have in one’s life, and she has seen them transform many of her student’s lives.

Committed to education and innovation in Lifestyle Medicine, she has taken part in complementary health education for the better part of the last two decades.

Through her journey as a Yoga Teacher, Celia has travelled and taught world-wide, having established international health communities in Japan and previously founded yoga by donation programs in both Japan and Australia – “Tsukuba Community Yoga” and “Grass Roots Yoga”.

Celia Roberts is a Senior yoga teacher and therapist with Yoga Australia and Meditation Australia, and among other qualifications, she has a Bio-Medical Science degree and Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Celia established the Brookfield Retreat - a beautiful yoga and treatment centre in the middle of the most beautiful natural surroundings. Celia offers continuous training and the professional development of Yoga Teachers, offering Day Retreats and short courses that count towards their continuing professional development (CPD) points.

Most recently, Celia has founded the brand new Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation, BIYOME.

BIYOME offers you the ultimate connection between the Western Medical Model and the Ancient Science of Yoga: enriching programs that foster teachers of integrative lifestyle medicine, job ready for a future in allied health.

The teaching we offer you aims to assist you in cultivating a deeply interconnected experience of mind, body and heart.  All of our courses are tailored to deliver to you pioneering evidenced-based medicine, side by side with transcendental experience. We introduce you to and inspire you in the science and practice of yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, also known as: BioMedical Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Medicine.

"My education and experience combined has brought me to a place where, above all else, I believe in offering the highest quality yogic education.  This is done through continually revisiting and reinvestigating research, resources, values, and touchstone delivery of teaching in the field of yoga, meditation, and mind-body medicine. I am inspired by truth, trust, connection, education, mindful living and people from all walks of life.  Moreover, I take passion and pride in the ongoing development of our innovative, evidence-based yoga and mediation teacher training programme that, I am excited to announce, will be running through our new organisation: The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation, BIYOME (pronounced Bi-yo-me)." - Celia Roberts

Furthermore, Celia is a regular presenter on ABC Radio and liaises with government, councils and higher educational institutions to promote the work of yoga teachers across our Nation. Celia Roberts has achieved great results in the corporate sector for over two decades with a strong focus on Corporate Yoga, and Mindfulness education in the workplace. Celia is an engaging public speaker and well received conference presenter.

Celia has worked for corporate clients such as ABC Radio, Australian Federal Police, Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan), University of Queensland, Lifeline, Human Genetics Conference, Yoga Australia Conference and more.

Celia has previously worked as a volunteer for the national governing body of yoga in Australia, Yoga Australia in two leadership roles; the Queensland State Co-ordinator and Chair of The Yoga Australia Conference 2016. Celia has also been instrumental in the innovative field of yoga therapy within Australia, being a valued member of the AAYT committee 2014-15.

Celia’s teachings explore the deeper dimensions of yoga and exquisitely touch upon her own two pillars of faith; Breath and Compassion.

To her, these things stand like stone.

“Kindness in another’s trouble and courage in one’s own”


  • Yoga Australia
  • Australian Integrative Medicine Institute
  • Meditation Australia




Celia Roberts

3374 3012
166 Pacey Road , Upper Brookfield, QLD, 4069

yimi - Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute

166 Pacey Rd , Upper Brookfield, QLD, 4069

Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation, BIYOME

3374 3012
166 Pacey Road , Upper Brookfield, QLD, 4069

""Yoga is the projection of friendliness, compassion, gladness and equanimity towards all things""

Yoga Sutras

what people are saying about Celia Roberts

Tanya Cameron

Meditation has softened my mind and created an inner spaciousness for me. This has been reflected in all areas of my life

Elaine W.

Carmel, 46

Monica, 23, student

Having not done yoga before, Celia

Julie Gibbs

Hi Celia, Just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge and inspiration you shared yesterday at the retreat. I enjoyed it immensely and did such a lovely practice and meditation last night which was really enhanced by the retreat earlier in the day. I have been feeling fantastic today and I am teaching a class this afternoon and will be doing my own meditation this evening. So looking forward to it.


This year I took up more regular meditation practice in preparation for surgery. I am sure this practice contributed significantly to my healing and recovery. I am much more aware of my body, feel the energy moving throughout my body and sense an openness and peacefulness which is hard to describe, but is pleasant, very comfortable. Meditation has also helped me to find acceptance, particularly self-acceptance, which is giving me a greater sense of well-being and more frequent calmness. This is assisting me to speak and act with less emotional attachment while being present to the moment which is improving my relationships with others and actually achieving better outcomes.

Anne Duggan

I have loved the course and the resources and feel as though there is a lifetime of learning in the materials... Often when I read a piece, I would think, "I must come back to that". I'm sure this must be the case for many of your students. Being from interstate and therefore not able to do the course in person, the high quality and accessibility of the work produced by the Institute has been invaluable and a real boost during our extensive COVID lockdowns... my heartfelt thanks to Celia and the team at BIYOME for the high quality of the work you do.

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