Charley (Charlene) Hickey

Gentle, Corporate, General, Seniors, Therapeutic, Hatha, Meditation, Registered Yoga Therapist, Mentor

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


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At Charleyoga our yoga classes are a gentle combination of therapeutic yoga and relaxing meditation with an emphasis on breathing and awareness. Located just south of Perth, WA in Applecross, Fremantle, Bateman and online.  

Group Classes

All our group  yoga classes are open to beginners and no experience in yoga, meditation or anything else is required. We give options for all levels and encourage you to take things at your own pace whilst relaxing and enjoying the movements.   We promise that you won't feel silly and will never try to push you into seemingly impossible positions.

Our style of yoga is fantastic for those that might suffer from old injuries, back or neck problems or just have general stiffness due to overuse or age.  If you are in need of some timeout from your busy life and general relaxation then our classes will also suit you perfectly.

Online Yoga & Free Videos

Alongside this we have options for live online practice and an extensive subscription based video library if you prefer to practice from home.  All videos are professionally recorded and include options for common modifications.   Check out our FREE video series, Yoga in 60 Seconds here

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

If you are a little anxious to join a group class, have an injury or illness or would like to improve your overall wellness, we offer private yoga therapy sessions. Charley is a qualified yoga therapist registered with Yoga Australia and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Read more about our yoga therapy services.

Workshops & Retreats

We offer regular workshops on topics such as yoga for insomnia, gentle spine release and releasing tension in the body and mind - all suitable for beginners, seasoned yoga students & yoga teachers (ask about CPD points for our workshops). Read more about our workshops & mini-retreats.

Charleyoga (Bateman)

0439 966 059
Mandala Hall, 1 Mandala Crescent, Bateman, WA, 6150

Charleyoga (Applecross)

0439 966 059
Applecross Tennis Club, 32 The Strand, Applecross, WA, 6153

Charleyoga (Fremantle)

0439 966 059
Fremantle PCYC 34 Paget Street , Hilton, WA, 6163


Location Class Days Time
Applecross Yoga Class Monday 9.45am
Applecross Yoga Class Monday 5.15pm
Applecorss Yoga Class Monday 6.45pm
Bateman Yoga Class Tuesday 9.45am
Applecross Yoga Class Tuesday 5.15pm
Fremantle/Hilton Yoga Class Wednesday 9.45am
Bateman Yoga Class Wednesday 5.15pm
Bateman Yoga Class Wednesday 6.45pm
Applecross Yoga Class Thursday 9.45am
Applecross Yoga Class Friday 8.15am
Applecross Yoga Class Friday 9.45am

""We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.""

T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

what people are saying about Charley (Charlene) Hickey

Jade M

Regular Student @Charleyoga Yoga has given me a new focus. I love my yoga class days and enjoy getting into positions where I thought my body would say 'no way.' I love knowing about breathing techniques and especially when I had a bout of seasonal asthma Charley gave me tips on yoga methods to help me breath better - which worked wonders. Thank you Charley. Namaste.

Susan H

Insomnia Workshop Participant Thank you for the very enjoyable workshop on insomnia,

Dorothy S

Self Myofascial Release Workshop Participant (Foam Roller) Thoroughly enjoyed workshop last Saturday.

Lesley W

Pre-Christmas Recharge, Spine Release Workshop Participant Lovely workshop on Saturday. You described the class as 'relaxing', which it was, but at the same time my body had a really good workout. The stretching was well needed and it was good that participants could carry out the moves at their own pace and that the benefits of the poses were explained which helped to contextualise them for us.My only concern now is what I am going to do without my Wednesday class during the long summer break!

Christine B

Regular Yoga Student who dragged her husband to a workshop! "Your yoga retreat was the first time my husband had ever been to see what happens in a yoga class.

Evelyn C

Regular Student @Charleyoga My husband and I have been going to Charley's classes for the past three years have found such a difference in our total wellness and ability to relax also my husband has not had to visit a Physio in all that time. Thank you Charley you are a brilliant teacher easy to follow and a great sense of houmour which makes it all the more enjoyable oxoxo

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