Christiane Jaine C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

Gita Style, Adults, General, Adolescents, Advanced, Corporate, Pranayama, Children/Teens Yoga, Meditation, Prenatal, Seniors Stretch Class, Therapeutic

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist


Raise your consciousness. Nurture your soul. Be inspired and discover who you really are.

The moment you step into the Yoga Keys studio and meet Christiane is also the moment you’ll begin to learn that yoga is so much more than physical exercise.

With a passion for teaching the essence of yoga beyond the physical, Christiane understands first hand how life changing a regular practice can be. After experiencing the stress of studying landscaping architecture for eight years and writing a thesis – especially considering English is her second language – she was introduced to yoga by a friend under the guidance of a teacher in her 80's a woman who radiated a beautiful energy and wisdom Christiane was immediately drawn to.

Falling in love with yoga instantly, Christiane began practicing regularly as a way to re-balance her week, and help her deal with the pressures of study and work. It wasn’t until many years later, however, as she approached retirement from designing and landscaping beautiful gardens that Christiane realised yoga was her true calling.

Every person is a spiritual being having a human experience.

It was while studying yoga for over 18 months and completing 900 hours of training, Christiane discovered who she truly was. Combined with five years teaching yoga as a volunteer at the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic in Box Hill, she learnt humility and compassion, and realised it’s not the number of degrees you have or money you make, but how you care for others that matters. Helping others is more rewarding than leading a materialistic life could ever be.

Inside Christiane’s studio, yoga is for any and every soul who needs her help or guidance – no matter their age, physical ability or personality. Many of her students find solace in Yoga Keys when they have lost their direction – as a way to help with anxiety or depression, or after experiencing a wake up call or trauma. As a teacher, Christiane is always there to offer her students hope, love, respect and care.

Reliability, safety and authenticity.

Christiane’s most imperative values align closely with her personal motto; in the wise words of Albert Einstein, “The ideals which have filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty and truth”. She takes her yoga teachings into every aspect of her day; from sunrise meditation and walking, to gardening, cooking, reading, surfing and spending time with her grandchildren. She adores entertaining others, including cooking a special Christmas dinner for her yoga students at the end of the year, and is passionate about the environment and protecting our planet.

She inspires others by simply being herself – a dynamic, nurturing and resilient spirit sharing the wisdom she’s learnt, speaking with conviction and love, and seeking trust in others. From the moment you step into the Yoga Keys studio, you will step into the safe and nurturing hands of Christiane and with her guidance, embark on a journey of your very own.

Yoga Keys South Gippsland

0419 518 663
Level 1, 3 Lyon Street, Leongatha, VIC, 3953

Yoga Keys by the Beach - Rotary Park on the Esplanade, opposite Pymble Avenue

+61 419 518 663
The Esplanade, Rotary Park, Inverloch, VIC, 3995

"The ideals which have filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty and TRUTH."

Albert Einstein

what people are saying about Christiane Jaine C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

P Duffield (Gita Hatha Yoga)

Since joining Gita Hatha Yoga with Yoga Keys it has significantly helped me to calmly meet the significant challenges of this last 18 months. It has helped me become stronger both in mind & body.

A. James Pickersgill (Gita Hatha Yoga)

The journey of yoga requires a very authentic and compassionate teacher/leader! Christiane, you certainly fit this requirement. I have been a student of Christiane's for more than 5 years now. She has taught me so much about myself and others. Yoga is not an exercise class - It is a way of life. I have progressed so much under her guidance and look forward to many years of self development and mindfulness under Christiane's tutorage so I can live and appreciate my life and those around me. Much love and light to you dear teacher.

Kaye (Gita Hatha Yoga)

Yoga with Christiane has been the highlight of my Thursday each week for the past 3 years. . She encourages us to not only believe in what we can do within our yoga practice, but to be mindful, kind and loving towards each other and humanity. Christiane teaches and leads and inspires by example. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to find yoga with Christiane and hope to continue for years to come.

Victoria Nichols (Gita Hatha Yoga)

I started with Christiane as a student 5 years ago. Christiane and her teaching method has given me the right tools to understand Yoga and has nurtured me through the years to where I can now use Yoga each day in some way.

J Davies (Men's Yoga)

It wasn't until I started practicing Yoga with Christiane that I understood how desperately my body needed to be stretched, nurtured and healed. Being a father, full-time manager and part-time university student had taken its toll and I found great refuge in an hour of gentle exercise, relaxation and stillness with Christiane. Through her unique style of Yoga, meditation and philosophy, I discovered the pathway to well-being from a life out of balance. Her youthful spirit and energy is constantly uplifting and brightens my week.

T. Maskell (Meditation)

I have just completed Christiane's 8 week meditation course. Her gentle guidance and encouragement through each step has taught me how to focus and still my mind on my journey to 'self'. I highly recommend to everyone in this fast paced world this gift to their self.

Nina Smith (Meditation)

I have been doing yoga with Christiane for 4 years now. I have found her yoga such a profoundly positive part of my life. The stretches, meditation and mindfulness are key elements that sustain me. Christiane is totally committed to her students

Lindsay Friebe (Lunch Time Yoga - Leongatha)

I am delighted to see that Christiane has set up Yoga Keys in Leongatha, especially for lunchtime sessions. Christiane run Yoga at lunchtimes at Leongatha Hospital in 2015, for staff and I loved attending. It was great to have as session to stretch, relax and learn some meditative techniques. The classes were progressive and Christiane has a lovely nature, is a knowledgable teacher and I felt safe learning Yoga. I look forward to coming back!

Leonie Smith (Progressive Yoga Relaxation)

For the last 3 years PYR along with yoga practice and meditation has helped me to live a more positive, calm and mindful life. "Yoga Keys" is a place to nurture your mind, body and soul. It has helped me find the path to a better life.

Helen Patterson (Progressive Yoga Relaxation)

I have been doing the progressive yoga relation sessions now for a year. These sessions take time, and patience and are exactly as they say - a progression of learning. The most valuable part of these sessions has been to understand to trust in myself; be open and accepting and allow the meditative process to take its course. Results from the PYR have allowed me to be a more positive and mindful person.

Anita Koetsveld (Gita Hatha Yoga)

Yoga with Christiane has changed my life! At aged 60 I am now more mindful and more flexible than I have ever been. Its amazing to be learning about Love, Light and Power. It is inspiring, good for the soul and that's an exciting journey indeed!

Helen Patterson (Gita Hatha Yoga)

I have been truly blessed to find yoga with the most delightful teacher in Christiane. I have been doing the Yoga Keys classes for 5 years and in that time she has nutured both my mind and body and soul with her wonderful knowledge of meditation, health and well being. The result from my 5 years with Christiane is a less stressed and less reactive me - a much calmer and more accepting me. Yoga has become more than just a weekly session of stretching my body; everything it encompasses has become a way of life for me. I love my Thursday nights sharing Christiane's pearls of wisdom with like minded people.

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