Clare Hamer

Ashtanga, Corporate, Hatha, Dynamic, General

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher


Ms. Holland has practised the Astanga Yoga Method for 22 years and currently owns "Elite Yoga"- work aimed at improving performance levels of elite athletes through proper recovery and awareness...As well as yoga instructor to the Sydney Swans, Clare works with Cyclismo cycle club members, personal trainers, triathletes, fitness instructors, and also many corporate professionals in law, architecture, judges and business owners.

Passionate and enthusiastic about yoga, she practises the 3rd series in Astanga Yoga currently, and designs programs to suit individual needs, life stages and lifestyle, with a major emphasis on correct technique and development of energy through the bandhas....Clare teaches a lot of one-on-one sessions to accommodate one's unique set of challenges and appropriate stage of practise.

02 9652 1205
, Waverley, NSW, 2024

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