Elynn Angelides

Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Gentle Somatic Yoga

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Member No: 7653


Elynn is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner. She believes that we all have challenges to face, generational karma to overcome, and destinies to fulfill. Her passion is to inspire and encourage others to live a calm, balanced, and fulfilling life in spite of these challenges.

From her combined 35 years of experience as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, movement educator, and life seer, Elynn has integrated all the knowledge and experiences into a unique blend of embodied and mindful practices.

In her role as a yoga therapist, she provides therapeutic yoga practices that help reverse or relieve chronic conditions such as low back pain by repatterning chronically contracted muscles and imbalanced muscular patterns caused by injury, accidents, or poor posture.

She specialises in teaching Gentle Somatic Yoga Movement Flows, which is based on the science of Hanna Somatics. These practices bring about healing from the level of the brain as she works together with the client to reeducate the brain and nervous system to read and repattern the whole body (soma) muscular system that has been under stress.

Many of us know and understand that yoga practices are synonymous with breathing techniques that help calm and balance the nervous system. Elynn teaches breath awareness and breathing practices that help balance and energise the body-mind-spirit.

In her free time, Elynn enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Xen, and her furbabies, Jasmine, and Marvella. They are both passionate about developing and cultivating a global community that is committed to healing their individual soma and in doing so, helping other somas to heal as well.


ASHMORE RD, Bundall, QLD, 4217


Location Class Days Time
Fire Shaper Bundall Flow Wednesday 6.15 am
Fire Shaper Bundall Flow Friday 6.15 am
Fire Shaper Bundall Flow Friday 9.00 am
Fire Shaper Bundall Flow Sunday 6.30 am
Fire Shaper Bundall Ignite Sunday 8.00 am
Fire Shaper Bundall Flow Sunday 4.00 pm

""For me, being in meditation can simply mean that my mind is clear and calm in the midst of chaos. I step into a dimension where I can sense a deep stillness within myself. In this space, I know that all will be well.""

Elynn Angelides

what people are saying about Elynn Angelides

Isabella Li

"I attended three workshops with Elynn, and they were the best workshops that I ever had in yoga programs. To me, every moment was my Aha moment in the workshop. Elynn is such an awesome guide, and she is so patient and friendly. I am breathing so much better in my yoga practice after the workshops. And I feel more relax and into the yoga class rather than just focusing on how to do the post. If you ever get the chance, take it! It will be so beneficial to you, whatever you are a beginner or an expert!"

Amanda Butler-Davis Jones

Being guided by Elynn on the power of breath was life-changing. I had not realised that I was breathing out of habit in a constant state of stress. Focusing on how I can control my breath has strengthened my practice and perfecting my chaturanga were my highlights, meeting other attendees and the fun we shared was an added bonus. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, I would definitely recommend attending Elynn's posture alignment workshops.

Nic Cheetham

"I love Elynn's yoga classes. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years now and Elynn has been one of my favourite instructors to practice with. I find her classes always vary from class to class and you can always tell that Elynn puts a lot of thought into each and every class. Her class always challenge me and make me want to invest more time into my yoga practice. I love her energy, humour, and calming nature during class. Even though I always feel like I've challenged myself and workout hard. I always walk out feeling more energised. Most of all I love her classes because they make me feel HAPPY, calm, and ready to take on my day. Thanks, Elynn."

Marlie Jolanda

Elynn is truly dedicated to the yoga profession. Beautiful human who goes above and beyond to help her clients. She listens to what pain issues and challenges they have and gives customised solutions. I respect how she spends a lot of time/money/energy on constantly upskilling in her profession and shares her new learning with her students and clients. I highly recommend working with Elynn ... she is amazing at what she does!

Dr. John Surie

I would like to provide a reference for Mrs. Elynn Angelides in regards to her teaching knowledge, skills, and experience. As a current and long-time teacher at our Fire Shaper studios, Elynn Angelides has demonstrated time and time again her passion and professionalism as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Her skill set in delivering Classes, Workshops and Trainings is well-deserving of recognition within your organization.

Kym Atkinson

I feel much more calm, energised, the pain I had every night is greatly reduced. My muscles are releasing where I had a lot of tension. I am very happy with the care and practices Elynn has personalised for me. Kym Atkinson Yoga Therapy Client Therapist Notes: Kym came to me for yoga therapy because of the ongoing pain that she had from bursitis in her right hip for the past eighteen months. She would be in a lot of pain at night and would wake up constantly when the pain was unbearable. She was also suffering from lack of sleep due to the pain. Kym had a few injuries and accidents over the past years which was causing some restrictions to her mobility. A combination of all these factors plus her profession had negatively impacted her energy, posture, and flexibility. I went through a thorough consultation and assessment with Kym to ensure that the choices that we made for her personalised practices would fit into her lifestyle and the practice was achievable and not overwhelming. The practices that I created for her comprised gentle somatic movement flows to repattern her muscles and reeducate the brain and nervous system; and breath practices for balance, calmness, and energy. Her results in less than four weeks were remarkable and I am so very happy for her.

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