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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


About Glenda Gooding

Glenda Gooding is a Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher and has a Recognised Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Australia (YA). Glenda has been studying and undertaking her own practice of yoga since 1969, has been teaching hatha yoga since 1977 and teaching meditation since 1982. She has been training yoga teachers since 1987.  Glenda studied for 22 years under Margrit Segesman who founded the Gita School of Yoga in Melbourne, which included specialist esoteric tuition undertaken in Margrit’s home with a small select group for over ten years.   A Diploma was received from Margrit Segesman.   A second Diploma was achieved with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). Glenda has also been initiated in the Swami Rama and Yogananda traditions

Glenda founded the Sherbrooke Centre in Belgrave Heights, a center for yoga and meditation in 1990. The Centre continually employed six part-time yoga teachers drawn from her Yoga Teacher Training Courses. This highly successful Centre was sold in 2005 in order to undertake a B.A. with Monash University. While studying, Glenda was teaching yoga part-time in community centres and gyms as well as teaching in rented venues. Glenda has also periodically undertaken study in India in yoga Ashrams.

The Surya Yoga and Meditation Studio was opened on conclusion of formal studies and now offers hatha yoga classes from beginner to advanced, meditation courses, Yoga Teaching Course and occasional one day yoga workshops.

Teachers undertaking the Surya Yoga Teaching Course will benefit from Glenda’s wide and lengthy yoga teaching career which includes the founding of two successful yoga and meditation centers.  Glenda has also taught yoga in corporate venues, community houses, gyms, and public venues. Glenda shares her knowledge openly with her students from her broad yoga experience.

Glenda specialises in courses of yoga teaching in small groups where teachers are taught to work at a high standard.  A very high number of those teachers are sucessfully teaching.  For example, all teachers from the course of 2011 were actively teaching their own classes of yoga within one month.  Some of the teachers from previous courses are also now managing centers of their own.  A few graduates gained the confidence to pursue further studies and embrace a new career of their heart's choice.  The Yoga Teaching Course with Glenda is a journey that will change and greatly enhance your future where ever you decide to take it.

Glenda's Qualifications


1984 - Diploma of Yoga Teaching - Margrit Segesman, Founder of the           Gita School of Yoga. Student of Margrit Segesman 1970-1993.

1986 - Diploma of Yoga Teaching - International Yoga Teachers                       Association (IYTA)          


2008 Bachelor of Arts - Monash University.Two Majors: History/Politics and Sociology including study overseas:The Renaissance in Florence (in Florence) and The Ottoman Empire from Gazi to Gallipoli (in Turkey)

2008 Certificate IV in Business Management

2009 Certificate IV in Lifecoaching

2012 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

2016 Masters of Counselling

Surya Yoga And Meditation Studio

03 97618770
869 Mount Dandenong Road, Montrose, VIC, 3765

Surya Yoga and Meditation Studio

03 9761.8770
869 Mt Dandenong Rd, MONTROSE (VIC), VIC, 3765

Glenda Gooding

9761.8770 or 0429 485 575
869 Mount Dandenong Road , Montrose, VIC, 3765

Glenda Gooding

Mt Dandenong Rd Montrose,, Montrose, VIC, 3765

what people are saying about Glenda Gooding

Tanya Neate

"I loved my Teacher Training. It challenged and stretched me in so many ways. I went straight into another course and found myself having to teach experienced yoga teachers every day. They all had more teaching experience, but I felt confident and held my own".

Karen Buckland

"One of the best things I've done, and re-awakened my love of learning. Greater mind-body awareness and spirituality".

Anna Lugt

The course gave me "More mastery over my mind(thoughts) giving me a greater sense of peace and love not only for myself but for others; greater self trust and honouring of self".

Spyros Topalis

The course gave me "a feeling of coming back to where I belong. Felt like the group was on a 'quest' of both knowledge and practice".

Nicky Nicita.

As a result of the Yoga Teaching Course "I felt equipped to start my new phase of life with yoga".

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