Harry Rijs

General, Seniors, Chanting, Gentle, Therapeutic, Classical, Hatha, Vinyasana, Held tonal postures, Corporate, Meditation and mindfulness, Yoga Dance, Dynamic, Pregnancy, Yoga in Daily Life

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher


Balanced Wellbeing @ Wesley Uniting Church

58 Melville street, Hobart, TAS, 7000


Location Class Days Time
Wesley Uniting church offices and hall. 58 Melville street Hobart. Enter via front door and up the foyer stairs to Balanced wellbeing rooms. Balanced Wellbeing Bhava Yoga Groups: Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Individaual/small groups at agreed times. This varies to suit the group. Saturday 8.30am. Tuesday 6.00pm. Thursday 5.30pm.

"Your body is the vehicle Your mind/emotions the engine, fuel and electrics Who or what is the driver? Your conscious awareness of self. When You look into a mirror, you know you exist. This awareness is you. How truly aware are you, every moment"

From an ever growing and changing evolution in this amazing, intriguing state of existence called life.

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